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Pamela Woodson (Brown)
Retired Married 7 2014-11-08 20:19:56
After retiring in 2009 as a Healthcare Analyst, my husband and I have been traveling in our RV across the country and around Virginia.  We have a son in Phoenix so that is our favorite destination!  We sold our home outside of Richmond Virginia and settled into condo life with no outside chores.  We are on a 6000 acre reservoir and enjoy just walking along the shore with our dog Bailey a 6 pound Brussels Griffon who is definitely a momma's dog and thinks she is a big dog's worst nightmare.  Hope we can make the reunion and catch up with everyone on the past 50 years.
Pam and Collin Brown
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Joan Wright (Cross)
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Realtor 2015-03-28 18:57:06
Since graduation:
For starters I was homesick when I left DC and my WWHS friends to attend Rollins College...back in the day that you couldn't call home every day or even every week, or fly home whenever we wanted.... snail mail was the only communication and it was tough to keep up. It didn't take long to adjust to the sand in my shoes, the sun in my face and water everywhere. I remember how awesome it was to wear shorts and shifts to school and everywhere else for that matter. We had grove parties instead of beer parties and cocktail parties. I received a BA and MBA from Rollins in WP Florida and have been here ever since. After 5 years in school here, I was in love with the climate, the lakes and the beaches and not interested in traffic or winter, though we have plenty of traffic here now. I worked for many years in marketing and technical support at IBM and many more in real estate, where I am currently active. I have been married 37 years and have 2 daughters, one in Southern California and the other in Tampa. I work, play, travel, do lots of volunteer work, and spend as much time with family and friends as possible. Small world that it is, guess who else lives in Central Florida? What were the odds about 37 years ago that I would run into Guy Clifton when I was calling on a customer (when I didn't even know he was in Florida) or that 3 years ago I would run into Pam Kemper at a church function. The Clifton and Cross families have been close friends forever and raised our daughters together. Sandy Kuzmuk is also nearby... Who else might there be? Y'all come on down when it gets too cold and gray for you. Next reunion should be a class cruise or a gathering in Florida.
Memories of Whitman:
I have fabulous memories of my high school years at Walt Whitman and loved growing up in Bethesda/DC. What fun we had at sporting events and teen dances, climbing the rocks at Great Falls, canoeing down the Potomac to the bandshell to hear the Navy band, Georgetown, Zebra Room and Zephr, the Tombs...senior skip day, Ocean City, MD in the summers and after graduation. We were very blessed and didn't know it with fabulous teachers (math and French were my favorites) and a great student body. My favorite prank memory -- I will never forget the tires down the flagpole and hung on window shades...what a hoot!
Jean Zimmerman
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Attorney Married 5 2015-03-28 19:00:09
What I have done since HS:

Michigan State for one year before returning to Bethesda to finish college at UMd (BS in finance and marketing), then worked in D.C. at the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) for 2 years--a very interesting time learning about the mortgage-backed bond market and dutch auctions (notwithstanding the hilarious experience of having a boss named “James James” and a secretary named “Joan Jones”).  That led me to Atlanta and Emory Law School, after which I spent almost 5 years at an early conglomerate, Fuqua Industries, where I had the extraordinary experience of working on teams that bought/sold more than 90 companies!  A fabulous offer to join a Wall Street law firm got me to New York City, where I have (at least with respect to my career) remained.  Legal practice included not only the law firm with its international transactional client base, but also a British merchant bank, then General Counsel of the largest Japanese industrial bank, and then head of Operations and Legal for an internet start-up.  Then…in 2005, a family emergency took me to Tempe, Arizona (just “down the street” from Mesa, where our classmate Tom Rhodes resides) and I’ve been telecommuting to my NY office from here, there and everywhere ever since! 
While at the banks, I was involved with Seattle-based classmate Rick Josephson (also a lawyer) on a transaction or two… it was nice to reconnect with him, but sadly it was never in person.  And, on trips to Miami I occasionally saw classmate Barry Phelps’ youngest sister, Martha, who is married to an officer at the bank’s subsidiary focused on Latin and South American business.

Memories of Whitman: 

I’m really impressed that so many of you remember such funny things!  I think I’ll just say that I remember having some good, some bad, and some really crazy times at Whitman.  It was an interesting time in history and a unique experience to grow up in a place where the local news was the national news and the international news.  I think it enriched us all to be able to participate in everything it offered.  Special people in my life then included Sue Snyder (most often with Rick Josephson), Sandy Kuzmuk, Eugenie Clifton, Flip Dow, Guy Clifton, and of course, Barry Phelps.  Love to you all.
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