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Jan Kingston (Johnson)
Semi Retired Divorced 2 I went to Montgomery College after graduation. Then I worked at Peace Corp in Washington,DC for five years and worked for NIH after that for a short time. After my second child I stayed at home till they where in school, during that time I sold Avon and helped my husband build a Lawn Maintaince business. Later I worked as a store manager in a clothing store for seven years and left there to be a personnel manager of 325 people in a multi franchise company, while also running the office duties of our lawn business (also worked on site on some jobs). Right now I'm managing my special needs daugher's program, which takes about 6 hours a week. 2015-05-04 10:26:51
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Andrea Klingelhofer (Finucane)
nurse Divorced 4 2014-07-01 06:34:13
I have worked as a nurse for 48 years, will retire this year. Have three sons and one daughter, who have given me eight granchildren.
My fondest memories of Walt Whitman are our cute social studies teacher, driving around in a VW bus with friends in the snow or to the beach, getting through chemestry and hanging out between classes.  We were a fun class.
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Richard Kornblith
Attorney 2015-03-27 00:49:16
Since Graduation:
After Whitman, I went to college in St. Louis (Washington University) majoring in Physics but concentrating in Politics and Economics, and then went to University of Rochester (NY) with my first wife to do my Ph.D. (theoretical physics) and hers (economics) and to stay away from the draft (occupational deferment for teaching physical sciences --well, it worked for 6 months, then I had to resort to Plan B). Continued my political activity and generally enjoyed the academic life until that ran out; then, went to University of Pennsylvania for law school, took a federal judicial clerkship in Wilmington, Delaware, met and married my second wife (Lisa) and started practicing law. 38 years and 5 firms later (Philadelphia, Dallas, Los Angeles), I'm heading up the transactional tax group in the LA office of a huge (3800-attorney) law firm, enjoying the Southern California life and, generally, having a ball! Lisa and I have one son (Charles -- not a product of Whitman) and one daughter-in-law (Amy), who live on the Upper Westside of Manhattan and live the life to which I have always aspired. I'm a very lucky guy!! When not working (this year I'm to "graduate" into some role other than as a Partner), I spend a lot of time with Children's Hospital Los Angeles (volunteer/donor) and WU (same), and, when there is snow, skiing. We travel a lot and love every minute of it.

Memories of Whitman:
My strongest memories of Whitman are first, as many have said, the announcement of the shooting (I was in French class, and I remember our teacher's spontaneous cry "They told him not to go to Dallas"). It was a profound experience that I never will forget. That said, I also remember my bridge partners (yes, Bruce, you are not forgotten!) and other friends, I remember the fantastic teachers and I remember feeling especially fortunate to have moved from the West Coast to Bethesda at a time when the school was new and really "Super", the faculty was excited and my classmates were all smart and welcoming. My academic experience in Physics, Chemistry and Math was so strong that I spent most of my Freshman year at WU playing bridge, experiencing (if that's the right word) Fraternity life, tutoring rich high school kids (my form of community work), working at the campus radio station, etc. I even placed out of the two-year Romance language requirement by passing a graduate reading course in Latin in my first semester(!!!). I also remember Whitman as a bastion of political liberalism...a stark contrast from the San Francisco Peninsula from which I had been moved (where I was one of the very few openly Democratic kids in my class)...and of cultural diversity. Bethesda was a very special town, and Whitman nurtured the cream of the Bethesda crop. Finally, I remember Whitman for our post-graduation 7,000-mile cross-country drive with three of my closest classmate/friends. But, that is a story for a different occasion!
Mary Kramer (Schaps)
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Professor of Mathematics Married 4 2015-03-26 21:28:32
On the one hand, I am doing just what I hoped to do.  I got a Ph.D. in Mathematics, found a tenure track job, and eventually worked my way up to Full Professor.  Right now I am serving a two-year stint as Dean, but I hope to continue doing research after retirement.  On the other hand, I went off in a very unexpected direction, converting to Orthodox Judaism and moving to Israel, writing novels and raising foster children. For anyone interested, the story can be found in multiple versions by googling Malka Schaps.  I have many memories of high school, among them the bicycle trips with my friends, ending with the disaster when we got snowed out. Send Mary a MessageSend Mary a Message
Genie (Eugenia) Kraus (Anderson)
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Automotive Journalist Married 2015-03-26 21:33:19
MEMORIES: oh, let's see...there were the six-pack parties way out in Potomac on Friday nights - Wildman, the fabulous Fry Brothers, Schlitz, Abse, Counselman, Summers, and many, many other classmates. We were surrounded by a star-lit sky and acres of rolling pastureland now filled with houses.  Then there were the Wednesday night "trips to the library" - did parents ever suspect we were at the ZEBRA ROOM on Wisc. Ave in NW DC?  I remember that fabulous Bucky Fuller style geodesic dome and the musicals staged in the gymnasium! I recall some very fine, nice teachers, and one in particular who even then seemed pretty jaded about teaching. We were all very fortunate to be attending Walt Whitman; and I'm proud to be an alum  - even if I didn't really appreciate it back then! And to my friends and acquaintances at WW  - accept my apologies for being SUCH A GRUMP back it turns out, I was suffering from  clinical depression.  However, I finally found out that it's never too late to have a happy childhood..

After graduation came college and a BA degree, then a job with General Electric in Bethesda. I lived on Battery Lane, married my first husband in 1975, and in 1977 met Gary, the love of my life; we married in 1979. In 1980 we moved to Palo Alto California and I started a career in the fast growing computer industry (Apple and HP). Gary was an international business consultant with Stanford Research Institute. 20 years ago we threw in the corporate towel and turned our avocation (classic cars, vintage racing) into a vocation as automotive journalists.

We've been living in Los Altos for 29 years now - no kids - just cats, cars, and lots of fun friends. In addition to driving and reviewing new cars on a weekly basis, I also love traveling, gardening, art, classical music, jazz piano, and spend any free time hiking and visiting museums in the Bay Area. 

In May 2015  we'll be in Austria and Hungary, visiting the Mercedes-Benz Gelandawagen factory and driving these amazing vehicles through the Alps. Ah, well, it's a tough gig, but someone has to do it! 

BUT...I am so sorry that I'll MISS the BIG REUNION (the 40th was fun!).

Regards, Genie Kraus Anderson
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Joan Kuehling (Brown)
Homemaker Married 2 I married Chip Brown in 1973 and we have two wonderful daughters and two adorable grandchildren. We spent twelve years in Chicago and have been living in Great Falls, Virginia, for the past 29 years. We also spend time at our beach house in Bethany Beach, DE. After transferring from an all girls school to Whitman for my senior year, my fondest memory is of being in school with males and females. It was so much fun for all of us to do things together. 2014-08-12 11:31:21
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Sandra Kuzmuk (Sauve)
College Administrator Ret. Married 2 2014-12-08 13:46:21
I lived all of my adult life in North Carolina until my retirement in 2009. I worked for 31 years at Beaufort County Community College in Washington, NC. I am now a "granny nanny" for two of my three grandsons and enjoying the good life in Florida. Send Sandra a MessageSend Sandra a Message
Alice Lawshe (Oberdorf)
Retired Married 1 Graduated Carnegie Mellon U with BArch and practiced architecture in a small firm in DC and then MA. Retired to Florida, summers in MA. I have a son and divorced long ago but recently remarried. Good years. I'm proud of the education Whitman afforded me. I felt pretty lucky. I was in fact very well prepared for college and indeed for life. I had good friends, good teachers. Life's been good to me so far. 2015-03-24 09:33:49
Sorry I can't make the reunion.  I'll be travelling.  Hope everyone has fun. Send Alice a MessageSend Alice a Message
micki levine (mcdonough)
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psychotherapist Married 1 Seems so hard to sum up my life in a few paragraphs. There's been love, great joy, deep sorrow, learning, working, evolving. I raised one child and have loved watching her grow and learn and evolve. Now there are two grand-daughters, each a special treasure. And my husband and I enjoy our life together, traveling, gardening, and our beloved dogs. Life almost seems to get sweeter by the day. Oh my. Friends. And where are Marie Lattin and Ann Warnock? Judy Apolenis? Teachers Mr. Hassan and Madame Trotter. The wonderful woman in the cafeteria who was so kind. All our antics and growing pains. Fun lunches in the cafeteria. 2015-03-26 22:50:15
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Larry Lorenz
Retired Married 1 2014-05-29 09:25:11
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Harry Ludwig
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photographer commercial Single Retiring first week of May. Going fishing... No permanent damage was done. 2015-03-26 22:51:52
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Malcolm Lukens
Musician Married Still playing music, recording and touring. Franklin and Marshall College, American University and Los Angeles Valley College. Whitman was a very special place during a very special time. 2015-02-24 21:47:45
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Robert Lyman
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University Professor Married 1 After graduating from college I went to grad school in clinical psychology at the University of Alabama, thinking that I would just be there for one semester and then be drafted. I pulled a high number in the lottery, got my PhD, and stayed at Alabama as a faculty member for the next 28 years. I retired from there in 2003 and went to the University of North Georgia and then Appalachian State University as a Dean, and then to the University of Southern Mississippi as Provost. I am currently still teaching at Southern Miss, but live in Tuscaloosa, AL. I have been married for 33 years to Kathleen Andrews, a retired special education teacher, and we have one daughter, Meghan, who is a physician working for the CDC in Atlanta, GA as an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer. Life has been very good to me! High School is a vague, happy memory. It seems that both we and the times were simpler then. I remember everything and everyone from Whitman with great fondness, even if I can't quite remember most of the names and dates, or how I knew people. 2015-03-15 18:38:31
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Kevin Maloney
commercial real estate Single Again 2 graduated from u of dayton in 1969. worked at washington post, in md. politics, and commercial real estate since whitman. 2015-03-23 14:32:45
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Laurel McDowell (Anderson)
Retired teacher Married 1 Married to a foreign service officer, I lived and taught in 6 different countries (Ecuador, Nepal, Swaziland, Uganda, Bangladesh and Honduras). Six years we ago we retired to New Mexico! I spend my time photographing, tutoring and being active in my UU church. What I am most proud of is our daughter! 2015-03-26 22:57:16
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Robert McGee
Retired Corporate Exec Married 2 2015-03-26 22:59:41
I retired eight years ago after a 34 year career with Occidental Petroleum. I worked for Dr. Armand Hammer the Founder and CEO of the company for 17 years. At the time I retired I was a Vice President of Occidental and President of Occident International Corporation. Many long hours and middle of the night phone calls but it both shaped and changed my life. 

My wife Mary Lou and I met in college and we will celebrate our 46th anniversary this year. We have one son in Bethesda who has 3 young boys, and another son in NYC who has our only granddaughter.  We have an apartment in Chevy Chase but spend summers at our small ranch in Dubois WY. We are frequently in NYC enjoying lots of good theater and  enjoying our granddaughter. 

We usually travel once or twice a year to far-flung countries all over the world. Petra in Jordan is our favorite. We will go to Antartica next January. 

I serve on the board of the White House Historical Association. For over 30 years I have been a Trustee of the Pan American Development Foundation. During the Clinton Administration I served on the President's Commission for White House Fellowships for eight years. 

My favorite memory at Whitman is the day that Monica McMindes handed me the keys to her 1965 black Mustang and told me to take it to the car wash on River Road. Thank you Miss McMindes!  
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Glenn McLeod
Electrical Eng./ Retired Married 2 2014-05-30 16:27:20
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Audrey D Melkin
Profile picture
Director of Business Development; Electronic Publishing Single I got an Honors BA from Swarthmore in Sociology/Anthropology; minors in History & Philosophy. I worked in Social Services jobs for about 5 years and then "fell" into publishing through a temp job at Oxford University Press in NYC. I loved it so stayed in the profession for 20 years; working also at Wiley and Henry Holt. My jobs were primarily in sales and marketing positions focused on library and academic sales. The last 16 years I've worked for software development companies selling an online content platform to scholarly publishers. I've lived in NYC for 30 years and love it: the museums, the concerts, the Opera, and getting around everywhere without a car! I've been studying piano as an adult for 16 years - after childhood study that ended before WWHS days - and enjoy all kinds of classical music. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you soon! 2015-03-12 01:16:03
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Francy Meltzer
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professor Married 1 guys and dolls 2015-02-12 18:22:57
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John Metzger
Minister Married 2 2019-11-07 20:26:11
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John Metzger
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Minister Married 2 2015-03-26 23:06:07
It is so hard to believe that 50 years have gone by, and so quickly.  I give greetings to all my classmates that were with me at Clara Barton Elementary School in Cabin John as well as from Western Jr. High School who went to WWHS. 
I remember many things from WWHS with fondness, good times and times that were not so good.  I was not academically inclined and that part of school was a drag.  But I had many good memorable times over my three years at WWHS.  I also remember that exact place where I was when they announced over the PA system that President Kennedy was shot.  I was not involved in any of the clubs at school but I was involved with the Youth for Christ Club.  My wheels for going to school were a 1951 Henry J.  Oh how I wish I still had that car as I had so much fun with it. 
Since graduating from school I have not seen anyone from my class.  John “Pete” Reffit from the class of 1964 and I have maintained a close friendship with him and his wife.  After WWHS I went to Washington Bible College (WBC) to prepare for the ministry and it was there that I met and married Sharon and we are coming up on our 47th wedding anniversary in June.  After graduation from WBC Sharon and I went into children’s ministry, to the Pastorate, and Director of a Native American Bible Institute.  I have had some interesting short-lived jobs over the years like painting houses, working in a silk mill, Insurance Debit Agent with Prudential, Home Milk delivery, guard in a county prison, working for a decade at Yellow Freight Trucking Co as well as delivering newspapers   Quite the variety of job experiences.
For the last 20 years I have been involved in Jewish ministries teaching the Scriptures from a Jewish perspective.  I have written 4 books: The Tri-unity of God is Jewish; Discovering the Mystery of the Unity of God (900 pg. theological study on the Person of Christ in the Jewish Scriptures), then a book called God in Eclipse, and just released a book called Israel’s Only Hope: The New Covenant.  I am currently working on another book.   I love what I do and have no plans to retire. 
Sharon and I have two sons and shortly after the reunion we will have our 13th grandchild.  What a joy they are.  I have not traveled overseas, except for going to Israel for 5 weeks, but I have been in 47 of the lower 48 states and enjoy immensely the beauty of God’s creation.
Greetings to all as I will not be able to come to the Reunion, which I will really miss.  But I will be in the midst of a 2-month ministry tour doing Bible Conferences out west.  In fact I will be in Hot Spring, SD when the Reunion will be enjoyed by all.  Have a wonderful time reminiscing and referring to the “use ta” events of the past.
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Spero Michos
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Real Estate Married 1 My memories are playing sports and the senior prom when I sang Moon River. 2015-03-26 23:09:08
Fifty Years.  WOW!!!!  These last months reading everyone's comments have brought back alot of feelings.  It has been very heart warming reading about those who have responded and extremely sad to read about our classmates who have passed.

As for me, I live in Florida, have been married for 41 years and have a daughter who is 37.  I was involved in the health spa industry for over 20 years and now sell residential real estate for the past 15 years.
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Caroline Miller (Tunison)
Retired Married 3 2015-02-26 18:39:57
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Lee Monroe
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Hospital marketing exec (retired) Married 3 Built a house a couple of years ago with my now-husband and promptly retired to live in it. Raised three great kids; two grandsons and more on the way. I think one of my favorite memories had to do with borrowing construction site saw horses with blinking lights and taking them up to the top of the dome. I feel certain the statute of limitations has expired on that one. 2014-09-17 22:23:08
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Lynn Morell (Noble)
Speech Therapist Married 4 I went to Bradley University where I became a Christian the first week of school. On graduation I joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ where I met my husband and married in Dec 1969. We were with CCC (now CRU) for 19 years. We have 4 children and 8 grandchildren. We also were with Food for the Hungry and Greater Europe Mission. I am still working and this is my third last year. Maybe I'll work part time next year. I remember my small group of close friends, slumber parties and decorating for the school dances. 2015-03-15 14:55:12
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Wayne Moyer
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Retired from state gov't; licensed appraiser Single Again 1 Good times, good people, under-appreciated opportunities then. "Youth" spent in D.C. area retail management, followed by W.Va. homesteading years, self-employment and then 20 yrs with the state. Love retirement! Active in local theater when there's time as well as my church's drama ministry. For me, the best years are the present years. Each day's exciting, challenging still and rewarding (because life taught us so). 2015-03-15 13:58:59
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Wayne Moyer
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Retired Married 1 2020-01-31 20:24:49
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Fran Musher (Ostrovsky)
Attorney (retired) Married Memorizing poems & songs in Mrs. Loftness' French class; inspiring speakers (Sargent Shriver on the Peace Corps), popular bands performing (Lettermen, Four Seasons), 2014-12-21 16:18:08
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Marty Newpher (Reiff)
Married 2 2015-03-26 23:16:52
Since graduationI attended Penn Hall Jr college receiving an associates degree in Art. Then graduated from the Univ. of MD, majoring in Interior Design. Married, moved to North Carolina, worked in design. Moved to Virginia and worked for the Virginia Beach Planning Dept., got a divorce. Met my current husband Greg, then moved to Stuttgart, Germany where he headed up an Army dental clinic and I worked as a DAC in the Engineering Dept. Greg got out of the Army and we ended up in a small town in NJ where Greg opened his practice and I had our daughter. From then on I was totally immersed in domestic life and all it involved. Lots of volunteering and on a few Boards. I have a married step-daughter living in Charlotte, NC working for Wells Fargo and a daughter living in Golden, CO, working for COMPASS. About 15 years ago I started taking painting classes again and ended up taking pottery classes at the local college. I have been doing pottery for the past 10 years and still volunteering. I have led a charmed life. We travel as often as we can, in the country and out. We are spending more and more time, in the summer, at our house in Bethany Beach, DE. No grandchildren, yet. I must admit I am quite impressed, though not surprised with how successful so many of my classmates are. A tribute to the high caliber of students attending WWHS and the excellent education we were blessed with.
Memories of Whitman: From reading the reflections of other classmates--I realize I am not the only one who had some insecure and awkward feelings in high school. But primarily my memories are sweet ones.I remember the track team running around the upper deck of the "field house", the basketball games, concerts and dances in that magnificent dome. The football games and we pom-pon girls strutting our stuff. Pot luck fun. And the mischief we all managed to get into. Yes Joan, I too remember those tires over the flag pole and all around. For me, I remember art, home economics and Mr. Cockrell. I was in gym class when Kennedy was shot. I had a nice group of friends I have regretfully not kept up with. Were it not for my long time dear friend Guy Clifton, whom I've known for almost 60 years, I'd be totally out of the loop.
The reunion should be filled with wonderful memories and reflections. It was an interesting time in history.
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Ron North
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Retired Married 2 Owned an office equipment retail store on K Street for 36 years. Technology changed but customers were always interesting. Now retired and enjoy bicycling, travel, and skiing. Happily married and getting used to the fact that our oldest son in California may never move back east. In a way, I have returned to the high school milieu (and some suggest I never really left). For 8 years, I have volunteered as a mentor with Higher Achievement, preparing inner city middle schoolers to gain admittance to good high schools. So it is back to attending high school open houses and looking over essays that need a lot of work. But this time the essays are not my own. 2015-01-07 08:46:23
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Phil Norwood
Real Estate Developer/Investor Married 3 2015-03-23 14:58:17
Since Graduation:  Attended Washington and Lee undergrad, Duke grad and U. Of Georgia Law. Practiced law five years, then joined Trammell Crow Company in DC, moved to Dallas HQ as COO '82-93. In '94 became CEO of Faison, a regional development firm in Charlotte. Retired 2013. Currently Chairman of Pacolet Milliken Enterprises, a private company investing in real estate and alternative energy. Remarried 23 years. Living on a working farm right outside Charlotte (horses, vegetables) with a second home in Santa Barbara. Three wonderful grown daughters living all over the world. Seven grandchildren--what a blessing!
Memories of Whitman: What an exciting three years: our lives were changing, our goals were changing and the world was most definitely changing. From hearing MLK's speech on the Mall in '63 to the low of JFK's assassination to the high of seeing the Beatles live in DC the night after Ed Sullivan, it was a time of vivid, unforgettable experiences. We didn't know how fortunate we were to be young and alive in Bethesda then! Great school, great friends, great teachers, great times.
Mark O'Hara
Married 3 Friends 2015-03-26 23:22:41
It amazes me how many people say they didn’t like high school.  I don’t know where they went, but Whitman was truly an unforgettable adventure of good times. Where else could I have received the nickname Schlitz or buy a horse and put it in the back of a car.

Whitman may have been my first adventure but far from my last. I may have lasted only a year at the University of South Carolina, but I am still in touch with my roommate Woody Hinkle. Uncle Sam then sent me to Germany to show that Americans drink beer as well as they do. 

A trip around the country with classmate Dennis Cassidy. Starting a pickup softball game that we’re still playing 43 years later. Was on the rail when Secretariat won the Preakness. Had a room, the porch, at a house affectionately known as “the Ranch” with 11 roommates, who either play rugby for the MOB or Old Red. We’re talking Party, with a capital P. Speaking of parties: rented out the Gaithersburg Fair Grounds, had the Nighthawks playing with 25 kegs. In the meantime I graduated from “Harvard on the Pike” and Maryland.

My Brother Mike and I started a family St. Patrick’s Day celebration, which at its height drew over 200 family and friends from as far away as China & Australia.

During that time I chased the dream of being a sports writer and managed to write for the Washington Star and the Montgomery Journal for 20 years. Jumped out of an airplane and broke my back. After losing an account management job in 2008, I was working on my resume and figured out every place I worked and 4 of my 8 schools I attended are now closed. Want to close a business? Hire me.

My adventures have never stopped. At age 50 met Sara Schoo and somehow she agreed to marry me.  She had three grown children and we now have 6 grandchildren, who call me Papa Sugar. Sara and I are now on a quest to visit all the Major League ballparks, hopefully, while the Nats are playing.

Life is beautiful! 
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Peggy Odell (Robertson)
Art teacher Married 2 I graduated from the U of Arizona with a teaching degree and continued studying art and traveling the next 12 summers when I wasn't teaching. I lived in Martha's Vineyard, San Francisco, Newport Beach and Lahaina, Maui and traveled to Europe. I finally got married and had a son and daughter who I am extremely proud of. Our family lived in Southern Ca. and D.C where I was a White House Volunteer. We then moved to Ohio before we retired to Lahaina, Maui, where I have been teaching Art to Seniors for the County the past nine years. I loved Walt Whitman. It was a beautiful school and we had great teachers. I enjoyed all my friends there and missed them terribly when we had to move to California. 2015-03-28 16:50:55
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Retail - Custom Picture Framing Married 2 2015-03-28 16:55:22
I started at Brookmont Elementary, moved on to Western Jr., and finished up with a lot of the same friends at Walt Whitman. I enjoyed my years at Whitman.  Mr. Wilkerson & Mr. Stein's art studios, Mrs.Stout in biology, Mr.Toole for English. Most of all I remember a very busy social life with a wonderful group of friends.

Donna DiBlasi and I were married in 1969. We lived in the D.C. area for the next thirty-five years, rasied two wonderful daughters, and I owned several shoe stores.

In 2004 we moved to Charlottesville, Va. I have a little picture framing shop there and enjoy spending time with my wife, daughters and two grandsons. Look forward to seeing everyone in May!

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Joan Oxenham (Pyne)
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Retired Educator Married 2 2015-03-28 16:58:58
It's been a hoot serving on the Search Committee for this reunion, tracking down mostly long-lost classmates and reconnecting. The memories started flooding back and after attending Gary's 50th reunion last summer we realized that although we have worked hard to put together gatherings with college friends (many are couples who met at Marietta and are still married!) we really neglected our high school connections.  Meeting up again with some classmates and emailing with others has been such fun.  It's wonderful to hear all that we've accomplished in the last 50 years, but it's not surprising.  We were an amazing group even then and lucky to be in Walt Whitman's Class of 1965.    
Since Graduation:
I graduated from Marietta College, where I met my husband, Gary. We spent an amazing year in Germany where he was stationed with the Army. In those days you really could do Europe on $5 a day, so we traveled every chance we got. Settled in Baltimore and are still there, enjoying time with our two sons and their families. After earning a Master’s in Secondary Education at Towson University I spent most of my career as Math Department Chair and Academic Dean at The Boys' Latin School of Maryland. I also taught Journalism and my students put out excellent yearbooks, which was great fun. Now we are retired, and BL and Gary's insurance agency apparently haven't missed us. Winters in Florida and summers on the South Jersey Shore go by more quickly every year but we still find time to travel. Next stop: back to Africa, this time with kids and grandkids.
Memories of Whitman:
It's always gratifying to hear that Walt Whitman is still considered one of the nation's premier high schools. We "boomers" were so lucky to be a part of its beginnings, faced with a fresh start and charged with helping the administration and faculty shape the programs and philosophy of a brand new academic community. What a wonderful culture developed there, and apparently it is not so different now. Remember how demanding the curriculum was? How high our teachers set the bar? At the same time, didn't we feel we were up to the task because even if we struggled there were plenty of lifelines there to help us along the way? And of course it wasn't all about academics, the amazing number of opportunities Whitman offered really sealed friendships and helped us all become confident and capable, well prepared for the future.
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Bob Pampillonia
Retired Married 4 2014-12-16 20:12:57
I worked for my family's business for 15 years. My wife, four children and I moved to Dallas in 1985.  I began working for Neiman Marcus as the buyer in their Precious Jewelry division.  In 1994, we started a jewelry manufacturing business. Our two sons came into the business and we now design and manufacture for the finest jewelry retailers in the country.  We opened a retail store in 2005 to showcase our designs.  We are blessed with 11 grandchildren.  Our oldest daughter has her Doctorate and our second daughter is a full time Mom.  I am retired and finally able to improve my golf game and catch a few fish.

i value my memories of WW.  The great friends I had, playing baseball and football and being knighted the first Viking of Walt Whitman.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. 
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Carol Parker
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retired Married 2 After graduating from college in biology and art, I worked for environmental organizations and then the Environmental Protection Agency where I developed regulations and training programs to protect farmworkers and farmworker children from pesticides. Now retired and enjoy gardening, bicycling, hiking, sculling, reading, traveling and walking the dog. I am married to another bike-riding environmentalist, Peter Harnik. We have two children, son Andrew Harnik is a photographer for the Washington Post and daughter Rebecca Harnik is in graduate school at Tufts University in Food Policy. Remembering the fantastic teachers and education at Whitman and how many freckles I had. I, too, remember hearing that President Kennedy had been shot with lab partner, Rick Jorgensen, though I think we were both so shy we barely spoke. Still see Kathleen Wilson and Diane Whyte Warin, and for a while before he headed to New England Neil Ravin was both my mother's doctor and mine! Looking forward to reconnecting with everyone. 2015-02-25 13:15:55
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Jane Pechman (Stern)
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Coach school principals Married 2 2015-03-28 16:48:37
Whitman 50 years ago for me:  General ups/downs of adolescence:  never felt smart enough in the midst of such smart people, tried to find where I fit, who I liked to spend time with, how I wanted to spend my time.  And yet, even with all of the angst, I think my orientation towards service/contributing to the greater world and collaboration came out of many of the activities I participated in:  student government and various committees, Dorians, playing flute in the band (though to Mr. Dobberstein’s dismay, I was never quite “in step” while we marched on the football field.), being part of The Music Man and Guys and Dolls.  All of that helped me develop skills that I’ve probably been using to this day!

But, when I put on my educator’s hat and look back on my academic experiences, my memories aren’t the best.  I can only think of a few teachers who engaged me in thinking.  I had a terrible self-concept as a learner.  Can’t figure out if I was putting up obstacles for myself or whether the teaching wasn’t as inspired as I would have wished.  I do remember Mr. George and his kindness even though I never really understood chemistry.  I absolutely LOVED an English teacher who came to Whitman right out of the Peace Corps in our senior year named Mrs. Ehmann.  She was inspired and inspiring and helped me to see myself as a learner.  Mrs. Trotter taught me how to pronounce/speak French so that I was ahead of the game when we lived in France for two years.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin and kept moving west.  Employed right out of college as a research intern in an educational research lab in Berkeley.  From there I went to U.C. Berkeley in elementary teaching, taught for 10 years and then became a principal of an elementary school.  As I was just beginning my teaching career I met the love of my life, David Stern.  We have had the good fortune of travelling and living abroad, but mostly we’ve been in Albany, CA (just next to Berkeley) since 1972. Our lives are graced by two amazing kids who live close by with their spouses. 

And since 2010, we’ve uncovered a new kind of love, joy and grace: our two grandkids. 

For the past 15 years I’ve coached school principals, co-founded a chorus that focuses on Broadway, blues, and pop music, and have been an active Board member of our local Y.  I’m an avid walker and support breast cancer research via my walking.

The best part of my life is feeling that I’m contributing something: supporting the school leaders I coach, singing in my chorus, walking, and being a good partner to my husband of 38 years, mother/mother-in-law and now grandmother!  Being “Gram” is life-affirming! 
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Cliff Perusse
financial analyst Married Came to San Francisco at age 20 and never left. Got married for the first time seven years ago. Still working. 2014-06-21 04:07:10
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Doug Peterson
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Retired Married 2 2015-03-04 21:53:06
Fifty years!!! I graduated from Maryland (B.S. Econ.) and worked for the government (now retired). Married to a college (senior-year) girlfriend – 2 great kids & a divorce. Reconnected with an earlier college flame – now on our 20thyear of marriage. Enjoying life - spoiling the grandchildren is our primary mission in life. Traveling, sailing, photography, reading – never enough time.
Whitman was great – but high school was funny for me. Many of my good friends went to school elsewhere (primarily BCC). All I wanted during my 1styear at Whitman was to get on the bus & see my buddies. After a while, new friends & new interests conspired to make me “warm-up” to Whitman. Some great teachers – Mrs. Wrench & Mrs. Croft.
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Gerda Pfeifer (Keiswetter)
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retired Married 2 2015-04-14 17:21:49
Since graduation:
I attended Dickinson College and graduated in 1969 with a BA in French. I went to work for Pan Am and traveled a lot. In 1977 I married Allen who was stationed in Baghdad. We returned to the US the following year and studied Arabic. I specialized in being adaptable as the children and I accompanied my foreign service spouse to posts in the Middle East and later in Brussels. I did whatever was needed-- teaching, and volunteering in the American community and beyond. Since our return from overseas in 1996, I have taught school and then returned to the travel business as a travel agent until I retired in late 2013. I continue to do volunteer work in reading and literacy with children, and am an active member of my UU church and PFLAG--parents, family and friends of lesbians and gays. I also am happy to be able to spend time with my Mom who lives nearby at Maplewood Park Place.
Memories of Whitman:
I had some great teachers at Whitman who prepared me to meet academic challenges and helped me find my voice and break out of my shyness. I particularly remember Mrs McLaughlin's Math class and Mrs Loftus and Mrs Trotter's French classes. I loved that we had students from all over the world in our school, and I still love learning about people's cultures and customs.
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Donna Pickles (Colliard)
retired Divorced 2 2015-03-26 23:37:07
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Carolyn Pope (Edwards)
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Professor Married 3 I started out in anthropology as an undergraduate and then continued to study child development cross culturally. My real passion is early childhood education, and I have done lots of work in that area in the US, Italy, and China. I teach at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and have 3 children and 3 grandchildren-one born February 27! I remember best the good friends I had and some of our out-of-school times, hiking, camping, playing tennis, just walking around. I do think the academics at Whitman really prepared me well for college. Mrs. Pauline Diamond's Chemistry class was my favorite-she was so kind and nurturing. 2015-03-06 10:43:30
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Randy Posin
High School Cooking Teacher Married 5 2014-05-28 22:32:56
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Chick Ramsay
Retired Married 2 After moving to Bethesda in June 1963 from out of state, I spent 2 of the best years of my life as a Jr and Sr at Walt Whitman. Quickly made many friends and hold fond memories to this day. Retired after spending career in automotive industry and entrepreneurial endeavors. Spent last 44 years in California, lucky to live in Southern California, Bay Area and now, La Quinta. Married 23 years to wonderful lady, Kelly. 2 grown children (son and daughter) and 1 grandson (almost 3). Enjoy many great friends, golf, wine, classic cars and, most of all, family. 2015-01-21 20:20:52
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Neil Ravin
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Married 2 College, med school, training, practice. Now spend a lot of time working for the Democratic Party in a state where every vote matters. Considerable concern about competing for admission to "elite" colleges, as if 4 years at those places really mattered. What foolishness. 2019-11-04 10:40:21
Still in New Hamsphire with 2 thirty something kids in NYC, a 5 hour bus ride away. But that looks like it will change soon as the younger son and his wife are finally done training and looking for jobs outside the city. Our older son, married now is a musician in Brooklyn and likely will remain in NYC, though.

First grandchild, a grand daughter, now just over a year old, seems to be hitting her milestones and rides the subways and has a busy social life in Central Park, where her nanny takes her.  Kids with jobs and nannies, struggling with life in the coolest city in the world (their phrase.)

My wife, Claudia, travels the world, most often with Overseas Adventure Travelers (Galapagos, Costa Rica) , or she meets friends in Indonesia or with her chorus (South Africa). I stay home with the dog (Tugboat) and go to work. Still practicing 3 days a week--there's a shortage of endocrinologists in New Hampshire and nearbly Massachusetts. 

Tug likes combing the beach--3 miles away and we all still love New Hampshire.
When it snows (which is often) instead of going out for a bike ride, I can go cross country skiing from my front door.

Hope to hear from folks from high school, those of us still mentating and breathing.

Neil Ravin

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Chris Rears
U.S. Marines (retired)/Business Management (retired) Married 2 *BA '69 VPI(HIST) *MA '83 Central Michigan(MGMT) * '92 U.S. Army War College *USMC(31 yrs) *management positions at Schlitz; CH2MHill; Prudential; Balford Farms *Key Club (greeting the Shah of Iran(!) and swimming across the Severn River fueled by Colt 45 *Student Senate *Playing the President in "The Mouse that Roared" *Losing the election for Class VP to Maloney (another carpetbagger) *Trying to understand Dr. George (Thanx, Kay) *Great parties at students' homes (including mine) 2015-03-28 18:42:16
Although I was a member of the Class of 1965 for a relatively short period of time (junior year and lst half of senior year) I have held on tightly to memories of my time at WWHS.  It was, for me, a badly needed refuge from a relatively turbulent personal life and an important formative period with regard to my ensuing character development.  I am very thankful for the friendship and support I received from my classmates and teachers at WWHS.  You made a difference in one boy's life. Send Chris a MessageSend Chris a Message
Larry Reeves
Owner/President of Certified Building Services, Inc. Single 2 The beautiful girls and partying 2014-07-22 18:51:42
I have owned Certified Building Services, Inc. since leaving college. Getting ready to turn my company (CBSInc) over to my daughter and son. Then retire and enjoy my grandchildren at my beach home in Bethany Beach Delaware and San Diego California. Still living in Bethesda and get to see some of the Whitman graduates regularly. My life revolves around my family, friends, exercise, golf, travel, and the beach. Send Larry a MessageSend Larry a Message
Rita Reimer
Retired Govt Lawyer Single 2015-03-29 00:04:20
Since Graduation:
I've had an interesting life!   I've always been a political junkie. I worked on Sen. Tydings 1964 campaign while I was at Whitman. I was a campus coordinator for Gene McCarthy's 1968 campaign, and participated in numerous anti-war, anti-Reagan, civil rights and women's rights events. With an economist friend (I'm a lawyer), I worked to advise women of their economic rights and how to assert them. In 1985 I received a grant to study women's economic rights in Sweden, where things are very different. After returning from Sweden, I volunteered at and served on the Board of Directors of a transitional women's shelter in DC for many years. I was also a domestic relations counselor for the Women's Legal Defense Fund for over a decade. I currently serve on the Anne Arundel Co. Commission for Women and on the Governance Committee of an AA Co. women's giving circle. Professionally, I worked for a US Senator for 5 years, the Congressional Research Service for 15, and the Federal Election Commission before retiring with 35 years government service in 2002. I had one Supreme Court case, which was a thrill. I then moved to Annapolis to work for the Maryland General Assembly until my health began to decline in 2005. I have also been a Baltimore Orioles season ticket holder for 36 years. While I may need a little help, I'm looking forward to attending the reunion.
Memories of Whitman:  I came to Whitman from a very small school in Athens, Greece (200 students in grades 7-12) so I found it pretty overwhelming. It turned out to be a good experience for me as it jerked me back into academic rigor. I appreciated all the excellent teachers and my many brilliant classmates. I*'m sorry I didn't do a better job of keeping in touch.  As for many, the memory of hearing about President Kennedy's assassination has remained with me.
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Tom Rhodes
Securities Broker Married 2 HMS Pinafore and Mrs. Stout's biology class. 2015-03-28 17:16:42
Western 9th, Whitman 10th. Went to Sidwell Friends.  BS University of Arizona, JD Samford University.  AZ Army National Guard for 12 years.  Captain, JAG.  Since I've been a lawyer, a banker and a sleezy stock broker.  I'm active in my community including an 8 year stint on the Governing Board of the Mesa Public Schools, and a year as Chairman of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce.  Still active in my business, although I'm slowing down.  My activities being "Pops" to 4 grandkids takes up an increasing amount of my time.  Chris and I do an increasing amount of travelling.  Two years ago we went to southern Africa. Last year a cruise in the Med. This year another cruise, this time to the Baltic.   Life is good! Send Tom a MessageSend Tom a Message
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