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Clare Eberhart (Anderson)
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Attorney Married 2 2015-03-27 23:52:39
I was clueless about my future upon graduation.  Went to UNC-Chapel Hill for undergrad.  Changed majors numerous times, was suspended for a semester for “behavior unbecoming,” but managed to graduate with my class by choosing a newly recognized major to which I could apply my ill-fated science courses: Speech.
With that background I continued on to Case Western Reserve for Speech Pathology - only to find I liked Audiology more.  So spent two years for a M.A. in Communication Disorders.  Met my first husband who was in Air Force ROTC.  After his commissioning, we were posted to Great Falls, Montana.  Ultimately, we had nearly 14 years, two amazing children, and ended up in Beavercreek, Ohio where I subsequently met the love of my life, Nicholas Anderson.
We moved to Missoula, Montana in 1988 and have been here since.  We weren’t sure what to do initially - so we opened a restaurant despite the fact that neither of us had any restaurant experience at all.  Getting it up and running was fun, but you can only wash the same pot so many days before it becomes boring!  So Nick went to law school while I worked as the office manager for a Nanny agency -- peddling wholesome Western girls to East Coast yuppies...but, seeing all the vacation that those law students were getting, I got jealous and applied to law school too.  Of course I was accepted...female and a “non-traditional" student,  I thrived, and graduated at age 50, joining with Nick for our practice.  So, with the exception of his first two years of law school, he and I have been together 24/7 for the past 27 years - and neither of us has killed the other yet.
Now, semi-retired, but can’t stop working.  Don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  We’ll see what the future brings.  Wish I could be there to celebrate with you.
Memories of Whitman/IObservations/Reflections of Last 50 years:
I remember...the school sanctioned Smoking Area first part of sophomore year; Advanced Choir with “Roots and Leaves, themselves alone are these;” German IV in the Supply Closet off Frau Loftness’s classroom; Mariner Scouts: canoeing the Potomac or the Canal, and sailing cat boats in the Chesapeake with Priscilla Church; Madrigals; having mono and being moved from classroom to classroom as a speaker box; Janet Bowker and the Dougs, camping on Assateague Island with somebody’s youth group, too many cigarettes smoked with Bettie Maloney.  Hard to believe that 50 years have passed since our graduation.  I feel no differently inside, yet when I look in the mirror an older face looks back at me.  Still, with the exception of that morning stiffness, I’m still the same girl: curious, fun-loving, just old and I hope wiser.  See you at our 60th!
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Patricia Ehrlich (Polinger)
Married 2 2014-06-15 22:44:20
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Steve Ellisor
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Fee-only Financial Planner(encore career) Married 2 2015-03-24 02:53:29
We, the members of the classes of 1964 and 1965 were given an unpolished diamond in the rough way back in 1962.  A brand-new, shiny school building, just sitting there waiting for us.  But, what made the school immediately so great?  It was not the building or even Dr. Shaw and the teachers.  It was us, the students. It could be called sort of an “Outliers” situation (apologies to Malcolm Gladwell).  Being who we were and at the right place at the right time.  And who placed us in that situation – our parents, they of the WWII generation.  We were forged in the image of this strong generation that saved the world and then went on with their lives.  They settled in or returned to the Bethesda area and filled the schools with their children, creating the need for more schools.  Whitman was our destiny. Our class was the foundation for building Whitman’s 50 year reputation as the finest public High School in the land.

I was a very late bloomer as my bio below reveals but I give thanks for the opportunity to attend Whitman and for their influence and impression my classmates made on my life.

I attended the University of Pittsburgh for 3 years after Whitman.  The only good thing that resulted was meeting the love of my life, Rhonda.  We will celebrate our 47th anniversary on May 10.  In November 1968 I enlisted in the US Navy (see veterans’ page).  Upon my discharge I completed my undergraduate education at Maryland (fear the turtle!)  while working full time for my father in downtown DC.  We worked together until his death in 1984 whereupon I took over the company.  We were in the Advertising Specialty business, the Lewis Company.  Along the way Rhonda and I had two wonderful children, Keri in 1972 and Brad in 1974.  I sold the company in 1995, working for the new owners for a while until I tired of it all.  I went back to school (Georgetown U) to learn about Financial Planning.  I received my CFP designation 10 years ago and have been a sole practitioner since. I am a fee-only, hourly, as needed FP with no minimum asset requirement.                                                                                             

Rhonda built a career with Miller and Smith Homes in McLean and retired 1½ years ago.  We fled the rat race that is DC and now spend 7 months on Longboat Key (Sarasota, FL) and 5 months in downtown Denver.  Keri, my daughter is there with her family (2 grandsons are the important ones!) Brad, my son is in suburban Seattle where he is a Chiropractor with 2 little girls.  I have again become an avid golfer and am still pursuing my lifelong passion with fishing while chasing the eternal summer!
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Cindy Engle (Yavinsky)
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Retired Photographer/Full-time Grandmother & World Traveler Married 1 Early years Delta Air Lines Atlanta & DC. Photography Business. Married 34 yrs. Raised 3 Teen Stepsons & our own son... So far 12 combined grandchildren some of whom have begun traveling with us-- what a thrill! Lifelong interests: Travel, The Arts, Foreign Languages, Family Archivist. Fondest memories of Whitman -- friends for life, fantastic teachers, Guys and Dolls & folk-singing quartet in the "Talent" Show. 2015-01-28 16:37:10
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Caroline Erickson (Schore)
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Administrator for cancer grant research program Married 2 I graduated from the University of Maryland in microbiology, a field I have loved ever since. Before moving to San Francisco and starting work, I took a year off to be a “ski bum” in Colorado. I moved to Davis for graduate work (MS) and continued working at UC Davis in a virology research lab in the vet school. After a number of years, I moved into administration and became the administrator for a UC cancer grant research program. I met my husband, Neil, here. He is a chemistry professor. We have two children. Our son is a software engineer. Our daughter is a violinist. We love the outdoors (hiking, biking, camping, backpacking, skiing both nordic and alpine). I ran my first marathon at age 50. In Honolulu! We love travel. We’ve had some interesting opportunities in Asia (Taiwan, Korea). I just returned from a month in New Zealand. I will retire in June. And then? Who knows? Looking forward to this special event which is drawing us all together. What I especially remember and treasure after all these years is the amazing faculty that we had at Whitman. Standouts for me were Mrs. Wrench (Biology), Mrs. Diamond (Chemistry), Mrs. Croft (Math) and Mrs. Loftness (French). Mrs. Loftness not only taught us the language but also the culture. We learned geography, history, art and literature relating to France. We sang French Christmas carols and other songs. We memorized and recited French poetry. We learned and sang Carmen in class. Mrs. Loftness made crepes for us at her home. 2015-03-20 18:21:58
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Greg Federline
Retired Married 1 2014-05-27 20:53:48
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Betty Fielden (Lorenz )
Retired Healthcare Mgmt. Consultant Married 1 Friends including classmate/husband Larry Lorenz. Our first date was the Valentines Dance Senior year! We married on June 14, 1969. 2014-08-10 20:44:14
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Thomas Fields
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architect - retired Committed Relationship 4 After graduating from high school, I attended Franklin and Marshall College for two years. I had decided that I wanted to be an architect so I transferred to U. of MD School of Architecture and completed my architectural degree. After that, I worked mostly for the National Park Service as an architect, project architect and last as project manager, retiring June, 2012. I had been all over the United States including the roof of the White House. Along the way, I managed to be blessed with four children (all with college degrees scattered all over the United States - one being a medical doctor) and six grandchildren. Now I am living in Florida with Harriet Loeb who hails from Pittsburg and two labradoodles. It was a tough haul while in high school - no sign language interpreters in classrooms were available as they are today. But I managed to graduate with you guys, after all! 2015-03-15 11:14:31
It is indeed exciting to be able to go to this upcoming reunion as it is the first one I am attending after all those years.  I have thought that we never had one until I noticed that some of you had been attending reunions every five years!  Where the heck have I been?  Maybe someone did not try hard enough to find me! Send Thomas a MessageSend Thomas a Message
Patrick Fleeharty
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Retired-Social Worker & Outdoor Educator Married 2 Currently living in Annapolis; Active in Unitarian Universalist Church; Enjoy singing, motorcycling & camping (Sturgis twice), volunteering in schools, Taijiquan, & serving as a Master Watershed Steward; 5 grandchildren, 9 foster grandchildren 2015-01-27 18:25:18
A couple of memories stand out for me:  One was eating out at Hot Shoppes with the soccer team.  The second involved the canned food drive competition during, I believe, our senior year.  We secretly collected the cans and boxes at students' homes, so it would appear that we were losing the contest to the other two classes, but, on the last day of the collection, we delivered carload after carload of items and swamped the other two classes, winning in a rout. Send Patrick a MessageSend Patrick a Message
forrest foss
retired Married Married an incredible woman, Miriam Lipnick, in 1972 and we have been fortunate to have four wonderful children. BA 1969, Washington University; JD, Maryland Law, 1975. I had a great career as an attorney in the world of mutual funds and retired in 2008 after 21 years with T Rowe Price. Retirement is great except that you're a lot older! My funniest memory of Whitman is that I didn't go to graduation because Principal Shaw told me I couldn't unless I cut my hair. Was fine with me. With my friends at Whitman, I first sang "We shall Overcome", listened to Martha and the Vandellas sing "Dancin' in the Streets," saw Mary Wells, was transported by Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man", learned about Vietnam, loved some classes and loved skipping some classes. My saddest moment was when my very good friend, David Brooke, was killed on Martha's Vineyard in a motor cycle accident about a month after graduation. David and I had been up there together waiting for the cycle to arrive by ferry. It was devastating to his family and friends. He was a wonderful and creative person who made everyone he touched better for it. Life is inexplicable. See you in May. 2015-03-15 17:50:22
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Sarah Foster (Miller)
Public Relations Consultant Married 3 Married my husband right after college. Taught school for two years, then moved 10x in 10 years thanks to Uncle Sam (CO, CA, Italy, OH, MA). Raised three lovely daughters in Concord MA., worked in high-tech, and remodeled a money-pit home. Moved to Michigan in 2005 and built our home on Elk Lake. Now a PR consultant for emerging high-tech companies in Germany and Silicon Valley. Feel like I’m on vacation every day...just two traffic lights in the county, beautiful lakefront, majestic 100-year-old pine trees, and rolling hills dotted with cherry and apple orchards. Four fantastic grandkids! Most impactful memory – sitting in Mrs. Johnson’s English class hearing the loudspeaker announcement that President Kennedy had been shot. Wish I had been more involved in high school activities but I’m a late-bloomer. Reunion team – thanks so much for finding me! :) 2014-11-15 20:10:55

It's amazing to see how far and wide the reach of WWHS '65 grads is! Really looking forward to coming together in May for our 50th. Focusing on the  "growing" part of "growing older."

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Bruce Frank
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Consultant - self-employed Single Again 2 2015-03-26 20:36:52
Whitman basketball wannabe – managing (not playing), every year. Three-point shot vastly improved, now ready to challenge Hopkins and Coale at the reunion. Interact Club for service; “It’s Academic” – proud of that trophy. I enjoyed many friends across many groups, but socially introverted. I wish the friendships had been deeper, wish I had dated in high school. I enjoyed excellent teachers and high academic standards. I wish I had been active in the civil rights struggle back then.

College years were transformative; politicized and radicalized, protesting the war and Harvard’s involvement in it. Jumped out a 2nd story window during a building takeover two months before graduation – avoiding arrest and leaping forward into the Peace Corps.

Peace Corps El Salvador – for two years. ”Best job I ever had”. I became a “global person” and changed forever. Married a local gal in my Peace Corps town and adopted an additional country and culture. I was married for 37 years with 2 great kids. Made life-long friends from my Peace Corps towns.

From there (plus a year of community organizing among the Puerto Ricans in Springfield, Mass.), moving into United Nations work made sense – and spent a career fighting for social justice internationally, with UN Development Programme. Postings in Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia (the 70’s), later in New York, Geneva, Addis Ababa, Bangkok. First, working in economic and social development; later, in international human resources. Unique opportunities, great privilege to have this career, a “nobel” pursuit. Fortunate to travel extensively, work in multiple languages, tackle special challenges.

A life of globe-trotting adventure and risk-taking: hijacked to Cuba from Venezuela; held up by bandits in Colombia; charged by elephants in Kenya; Pinochet’s thugs’ machine guns pointed at my head in post-curfew showdown in Chile; a couple of close-call car accidents in the Andes; multiple illegal entries into countries without visas; overflying rebel territory in Mozambique; settling strikes in Brazil and Galapagos Islands; dodging gun shots more often than is healthy; negotiated with Palestinians in Jordan, and Vietnamese in Hanoi. More than 50 visits to ER and OR over an accident prone lifetime. (Read the book – after I write it.)

Special personal challenge: scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro on 65th birthday. Took me 39 years to complete the Boston Marathon. Hiked the pilgrimage “camino” in Portugal and Spain last year – very special. I enjoy hiking, biking, tennis and basketball still; travel, university courses, music, pie-baking, story-telling, occasional consulting.

Along the way, I have been touched and inspired by everyday men and women the world over - their decency and generosity, their sacrifices and hard work for a better life and better world. I have worked alongside talented professionals from around the globe. Somehow I learned to write well, speak publicly and overcome my shyness, and admit I was no longer superman.

I try to live life to the fullest, and relish any challenge. My hero? Maybe Rick in “Casablanca”; or Che in “Motorcycle Diaries”. Role models? My mom and dad. Am happy to serve, to lead, to be a friend, to share, to love. After a difficult divorce, have moved on to a new phase of my life in Asheville, NC, in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. (Come and visit.)
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J. Stephen Freda
Attorney-at-Law 1 2015-03-28 18:02:34
Although I went 11 straight years from first grade through our junior year (Wood Acres-Western-Whitman) in Bethesda, due to my father's reassignment from the Pentagon to the US Army War College in July, 1964, I actually graduated from Carlisle Senior High School (PA) and then promptly moved to London, England.
During those tumultuous and polarized times, I did manage to attend and graduate from the University of Illinois. Afterwards, having developed an intense affinity for Chatham, MA, I moved from Champaign, IL, to Cape Cod where I built houses, painted houses, worked in a leather shop, and on a lobster boat, all the while feeling that law school might be my destiny. Soon after my return to DC, for law school, I was happily speeding along on Nebraska Ave late on a Saturday night, when I was pulled over by an undercover police car. As I sat embarrassed in my car, the plain clothes officer came up to my window and without me seeing he was there, peered in and immediately said "Steve, Steve Freda is that you?" To my amazement, it was our classmate MPD Officer John Barrett.
Subsequent to obtaining my J.D. from Potomac School of Law in DC, I passed the Maryland and Georgia bar exams and opened my law office in Montgomery County, where I have been practicing since 1983. I have come to the realization that I have been extremely lucky and privileged to have shared my life and times with some wonderful and incredible people who were so extremely fortunate to attend and define some of the best schools anywhere, anytime. With regards to family, I got married in 2004 to Diane L. (Cooper) Freda, in Ringwood, Hants., England, and in February, 2007, (better late than never!) was blessed with the birth of our daughter, Amy Giuliana Freda. Currently, I am staying in New Jersey, taking care of my 97 year-old father.
Memories of Whitman/Observations/Reflections of Last 50 Years: …the Soviet ships were bearing down on the blockading ships of the U.S. Navy, the very real and intense awareness that our young lives could evaporate within hours….one of our fellow Whitman students was walking in front of me along the breezeway, and on his back he (yes HE, of course) was wearing a handmade sign that read "Don't die a virgin - see me after school." …when Dr. Shaw sharply interrupted our afternoon class routine and announced over the schoolwide PA system on November 22, 1963, "Our President has been shot." Along with those earth-shattering events and memories, I often recall what a great experience it was to be a part of the Whitman basketball program, and learn so much about basketball and life from Coaches Ron Peters and Bill Dargett. We were so fortunate at Whitman -- such a dedicated, capable and professional cadre of staff and faculty. At this stage in life, and with the benefit of our historical perspective of the past five decades, we can truly appreciate how lucky we were to be a part of something so incredibly exceptional: Walt Whitman High School classes of 1964, 1965, and 1966.
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Mike Freehling
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retired - finance and accounting Married 2015-03-24 16:50:03
Since graduation:
Went to Carleton College. Majored in English (liking the idea of being Hemingway or Kerouac), minor in economics (sensing I might eventually have to make a living). Captain of tennis team - great bunch that won conference my sophomore year. Considerable time spent with a group of fellow seekers smoking dope, playing music and contemplating the universe (without much success). No idea what I wanted to do. All in all, I perversely loved being in the middle of nowhere (Northfield, MN), only 1200 people, living in the dorms, nobody had a car, 40 below zero. After school, managed to avoid getting drafted, drifted back to Minneapolis and lived with a bunch of friends mainly from school. More dope, zen, music. Taught tennis and worked some construction to stay alive. In one of the communes, met a musician who had become a Christian after his days as a Black Sabbath drummer. Started reading the Bible and suddenly I was a believer! That was 1973. Moved into Christian house, played in a Christian band - really happy time. Ended up leaving the church eventually but not abandoning the faith. Now 1975 and decided that I should try to figure how to make a living. Went to grad school at U of Minnesota MBA program. Had an aptitude in various accounting and economics related stuff, did well and ended up being hired by Arthur Andersen, then the largest firm in world (and not yet crooked). I was in the audit dept and advanced pretty rapidly – pressure cooker. Minneapolis office, then a few months on a consulting project in Melbourne, Australia. Reminded me that there are places with a decent climate. Requested transfer to LA  - 1982. Continued with Andersen until 1985. Transitioned as CFO of Bekins, an NYSE moving and storage company and conglomerate (about $600 million sales, 90 companies). Spent 5 years in that turnaround. Decided that was enough of the big corporate experience and hung out my shingle as a financial consultant and part time CFO mainly for middle market companies in trouble. Oddly, this worked pretty well for 20 years. Met Farida Fotouhi in 1985, married 1986. She had a well respected mid sized ad agency. Daughter of diplomat (first American family in Hiroshima after the bomb), speaks six languages. Moved to the hills in Brentwood (just north of Santa Monica) - overlook the canyon and ocean which is 10 minutes away. O.J. Simpson was a neighbor a few blocks away and followed me home in the white bronco. Farida still works in marketing/branding, rides horses 4 days/week (jumping). Skiing and scuba together - Farida doesn't enjoy any non life threatening sports. Golf is the main game now for me – occasional tennis between injuries. Retired from the consulting business - hope never to see another client. Doing some investing and working with a great church, St. Matthews in Pacific Palisades, on outreach programs trying to help people struggling with hunger, homelessness, etc. 

Memories of Whitman: Wonderful place and good friends who helped me through some tough years. Sorry I am so bad at keeping in touch. Would love to hear from any who are so inclined.
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Doug French
Goldsmith Married 2 2014-06-05 21:56:26
Mary Galup (Linville)
Reading Specialist (semi-retired) Married 1 Spent 40 years in education and thoroughly enjoyed my teaching career. Retired for a year and spent my time exercising, volunteering, and enjoying life in our new home in North Florida. Was offered a part time job as a reading specialist (at 67 no less!) and love working with kids again. Still have plenty of time to travel and have fun and still waiting for grandchildren! I remember HS as a fun and stress free time of my life, I don't see Pom-Pom girls anymore but I loved being one! Thankful that I had the opportunity to attend a fantastic high school and be part of an outstanding student body. I made lifelong friends and have lots of wonderful memories, Haven't been to a reunion since our 25th so am looking forward to "catching up." 2015-03-16 10:10:31
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Jim Gammon
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retired Married 2 Off to the heartland for engineering at Purdue. Marching band followed the football team to Pasadena for the ’67 Rose Parade and Rose Bowl. First time west of the Mississippi. Graduated in May ’70 in civil engineering with an environmental bent (first Earth Day was April ’70). Navy duty in San Diego. Navy harbors awash with spilled oil was a national disgrace. Public awareness spurred by supertanker Torry Canyon breakup off the English coast in ’67. Participated in early cleanup efforts at San Diego Naval Base. Back to DC in ’73 as a Navy civilian tasked to design, procure, and outfit the Navy with equipment to contain and cleanup oil spills. Traded in my trumpet in ’73 to sing with the Alexandria Harmonizers Barbershop Chorus. Loved the harmony. Bought an old farmhouse on a couple acres in Potomac in ’77. It’s only a few blocks from the Bolger Center. Let me know if you’re interested to purchase, tear down, and build your Potomac McMansion. Transferred to Navy Petroleum Office in Alexandria in ‘78 working with Navy fuel depots around the world. By 1980 had it with beltway commuting and mid-Atlantic winters and summers. Transferred to The Land of Aloha to run the Navy fuel depot at Pearl Harbor (large gas station for ships and planes). Best job an engineer could ever ask for. Environmental challenge was to keep the fuel inside the tanks (7 million barrels) and pipelines (72 miles). Started singing with the Sandwich Islands Chorus and the Tiki Tones quartet. Married in ’82. We met through family acquaintances. She said I was her “picture” husband. Have two beautiful daughters both now through college and making their own way in the world. Divorced in ’98 and married again in ’02 to very accomplished marine biologist from Hawaii. We met because my Navy jet fuel pipeline leaked and fouled her US Fish and Wildlife bird refuge. Retired from Pearl Harbor in ’04 and moved to Hobe Sound. FL just in time to be greeted by Hurricanes Francis and Jean. Singing with the THX (Total Harmony Experience) Chorus and a seniors quartet, The Geezaires. Worked in City of West Palm Beach Engineering Department through ‘10. Except for an occasional consulting job, now retired and enjoying the beach in Gulf Stream, FL just down the road from Briny Breezes. Looking forward to the reunion. For me, the thread through it all is music starting with Mr. Gutoff at Western Jr. HS and continuing with Mr. Doberstein at Whitman. Most memorable was playing with the orchestra for The Music Man and Guys and Dolls. The Music Man planted another seed—4-part barbershop harmony. Other impactful teachers – chemistry with Mr. Woodward, geometry with Mr. McPherson, and French with Mme. Trotter who motivated my study of the language by announcing in front of the class, “I am sorry Jeeme, but you will nevaire speak French – nevaire!” 2015-03-23 10:30:12
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Dave Garner
Engineer Married 2 2015-01-14 18:52:32
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JoAnn Gesumaria (Gelula)
Retired instructional designer Married 5 Raised 5 daughters. Currently enjoying grandchildren and attending various classes. 2015-02-23 21:05:04
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John Gleazer
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Profile picture
Married Hey Lucas, still performing? Growing interest in piano, playing clarinet in the community band, trying to break 90 at golf, maybe retire in a few years so I can cook and travel more. 2014-09-14 22:04:42
Lamoni, Iowa 1947-1956
Bethesda, Maryland 1957-1965
Univ Wisconsin 1966-1970
US Army, Germany 1970-1972
Vagabond, 1973-1976
Peace Corp, Nepal 1977-1979
Sonoma State University, 1989-1982
Remodeling Contractor, San Francisco, California
Computer Programmer, Calistoga, California 1986-present
Clarinet & piano 1961-present
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Ann Goodbinder (Hall)
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Married 3 2014-04-18 14:16:19
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Robin Goodfellow
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Advertising Married 2 I went to UNC-Chapel Hill and then spent some time in the army. Came back to get my Masters at AU and began a 40+ year career in Advertising as a Writer/Producer/Creative Director. I'm still at it today working as a full-time consultant for Synchrony Financial. I've been married for almost 40 years and have two wonderful children and two grandchildren (with another on the way). Golf was my passion back then and it still is today. I hope everyone has a great time at the reunion. 2015-03-08 13:07:58
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Jonathan Greenberg
Retired/Chemist Married 2 2014-06-03 16:35:57
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Cherie Greene (Moraga)
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musician; retired teacher Married 2 2015-03-15 22:01:08
I am hoping this timeline provides a quick view of how my last 50 years have sped by so quickly:
  • 1969, B.A. in Psychology (Stanford University), Palo Alto, CA
  • 1969-72, Nutrition and Public Health Assistant, Peace Corps, Guatemala
  • 1973, M.S. in Technology in Music Education, American University
  • 1973, fell in love & married Guatemalan musician, Jorge Mario
  • 1974 - 1984, Oboist in Symphony Orchestras, Guatemala & Mexico
  • 1977, Birth of daughter Giovanna: cellist/vocalist
  • 1983, Birth of daughter Paola: violinist/corporate banker
  • 1985 - 2000, Bilingual teacher (K - 4)
  • 2000 - 2010, Coordinator / Storyteller, Children's Bookmobile
  • 2010 - Retired after 25 years with Oxnard School District
  • 2010 - present, Participating in international travel: Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Japan, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Kenya, Tanzania, and Turkey
  • 2015  50th Walt Whitman High School Reunion, Bethesda, MD
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Sue Greenwald
Married 2015-03-24 03:05:20
To sum up my last 50 years in less than 400 words:  
I have led a wonderfully interesting life since Whitman.    When I chose to attend U.C. Berkeley, I was blissfully unaware of the excitement that was unfolding there.   I spent the next 12 years in Berkeley, studying sociology as an undergraduate and graduate student, involving myself in the antiwar and nascent women’s movement, and enjoying the weather, view, food and incredibly interesting friends and colleagues.  (This was not a huge disconnect for me, since I had belonged to the Howard University chapter of SNCC while I was at Whitman).   In my sophomore year I met my husband who was a first year graduate student in biochemistry.  We have always shared an intense interest in science and politics.   I accompanied Mike to the Boston area when he took a job as an assistant professor of medical microbiology at Harvard.

While there, we purchased an incredible but neglected Victorian mansion in Brookline and an additional similar property which we set about restoring.   In Boston, I also faced my biggest life challenge -- the multiple failed medical interventions to overcome the surgical adhesions which made me unable to have children.

Largely because I longed to get back to the San Francisco Bay area, Mike accepted an appointment as Professor of Microbiology at UC Davis.   Davis gave me the opportunity to put my experience in sociology and my passion for city planning and better governance to work as a twelve year member of the Davis City Council, serving a term as Mayor.

During the course of the last 50 years,  I have had a front row seat from which I witnessed some of the most interesting social, political and scientific developments of our times, and have even had the opportunity to effect positive changes in own community, so life has been very good to me.

While I can’t say that my time at Whitman was transformational per se,  it did allow me the space to do a lot of reading, thinking and learning.  I often wonder if my life would have been as interesting and satisfying if my parents had chosen to raise me in a less cosmopolitan and progressive community with a less privileged school district.   
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ethan grossman
Engineer/Builder Married 4 I was fortunate to send my two daughters and a son to Whitman. I have 5 grandchildren. During the Vietnam War, I earned a Masters in Engineering and participated in designing defense systems. In 1974, I started a development business and have built homes, neighborhoods, and commercial buildings. I'm still enjoying the work. My favorite memory of Whitman was watching the clock make the final click to the end of the school day. I then had a few hours to work on restoring my 1928 Ford. My second favorite memory of Whitman was watching the clock make the final click to end the last Back-To-School night for my youngest daughter. My most worthwhile Whitman experiences came from learning with three different groups of students ... Vocational, regular and AP. By the time my kids attended, Vocational was gone and AP wasn't as special. My most memorable Whitman experience was when my son, in 11th grade at the time, told me that they were tearing it down to build a new one. "It's kind of old and falling apart." 2015-03-26 20:58:07
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Sandy Grotberg
Widowed 3 2015-03-24 18:41:09
I have conflicted feelings about my time at Whitman.  It was a difficult period in my life, not to mention the world (e.g. JFK).  My parents had divorced my sophomore year of high school in the small Illinois town where I grew up, and we moved with my mom to Bethesda on Labor Day, 1963, the day before school started for Junior year - the same weekend MLK gave his" I have a dream" speech. Being a new kid in high school where kids were much more sophisticated was quite a culture shock - kids owning fancy cars, not jalopies; girls wearing Villager sweaters & weejuns rather than sneakers & t-straps; being "someone" and asked to take responsibility at my old school to figuring out how to fit in and not feel so lost in a new school (I am forever grateful to the girl who asked me to meet her for lunch that first day); being tied for first in my class in IL and then feeling really intimidated by some of the intellectuals in our class at WW (think "It's Academic"); having a comfortable and meaningful religious upbringing, then having a crisis of faith after involvement with the Teen Breakfast Club leading to much questioning and disillusionment (found a spiritual home during college with the Quakers), moving from an area where DC was a long way away and not that important, to Bethesda where EVERYONE had a parent who was important (the first time my sister and I heard sirens in the middle of the night we thought the Russians were coming with an air-raid - ‘twas the firehouse!)… and so on.  On the other hand, I learned to survive, eventually made some good friends, was challenged and stretched by some wonderful teachers, attended a college I never would have considered or even known about (to me Cornell was a small college in Iowa, not an Ivy League university - remember the college guidance counselor's "November is almost too late!" push for us to apply), and helped me all of my life to be aware of being welcoming to folks new to a situation.
Education was always emphasized in our family, so I went to college (Cornell, Temple, Shippensburg, & Eastern Mennonite) for various degrees and certificates over the years.  I’ve been an educator most of my life, teaching kindergarten in Philly, Math for Teachers in a Teacher Training college in Swaziland, high school math (and directing school musicals) in Chambersburg, PA (where I’ve lived since 1977), a college sociology course in conflict resolution at Wilson College in Chbg., a court-ordered parenting class for some counties in central PA, Alternatives to Violence workshops in US & Kenya, and bullying prevention work as a consultant with some school districts.  I am now mostly retired, have 3 delightful grown daughters who have blessed me with 3 sons-in-law and 6 beautiful grandchildren (!), and had a happy second marriage, though am now dealing with Chuck's recent death in March, 2014, after spending 20 years together.  I am giving myself time to figure out the next steps in this adventure of life, and I hope to make it a good journey.
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Stephen Hadler
Medical Epidemiologist Married 2 Still working at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Have loved doing public health, and not yet ready to stop. Fondest memories are fantastic teachers and brilliant and talented classmates 2015-03-26 21:03:02
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Diane Heffelfinger (Knapp)
Retired consultant Married 2 Have had a great life..... And enjoying retirement. 2015-03-28 12:24:34
I was a late bloomer so senior year was my greatest year.  One of the  most vivid memory in Whitman was the announcement that JFK had been shot and was dead.  I was in advanced chorus then.......never forget it. Still keep in touch with my close whitman friends.  WOW......50 years......where did time fly:)  Let's see.... Montgomery College,Tennessee Wesleyan. Was a real estate agent in Annapolis, convention planner for Texas newspaper, traveled quite a bit in and out of the u.s.a......consultant for N.S.F. ...married with two beautiful children and two very very special young grandkids,who keep us hopping! Retired and live in Arizona....a state that most people don't realize actually has 4 seasons!!!  Love the Sunshine and the heat. Play Pickleball 5 days a week, golf, hike and just enjoy the sun.

Our family moved out here from maryland last April!!!!!! LIFE JUST COULDN'T BE BETTER.

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Robert (Bob) Higgins
retired Married 2 2015-02-02 15:49:49
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Jane Hildebrand (Reiser)
retired - teacher; head of math department Married 5 2015-01-21 15:29:02
I just retired (June, 2014) from teaching and being the head of the Math Department at Hoover Middle School in Potomac, Maryland.  I remarried 28 years ago and Dave and I have 5 children (2 of his and 3 of mine).  We travel back and forth to Bethany Beach where we own a townhouse and hope to be spending more time there during the summer months.  As of January of this year, we have decided to sell our home in Kentlands and downsize.  We have many years of stuff to get rid of!   

My fondest memories of Whitman are the incredible classmates and fabulous teachers.  I loved the football games, basketball games, the plays, seeing the Lettermen and the Four Seasons, and just being a part of a fabulous school.  It was fun being involved in opening up a new high school and starting the traditions of the school. 
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Ruth Hodges (Davis)
hosehold manager Married 2 2015-03-28 12:30:03
Wow 50 years since the days we spent at Whitman--it does not seem possible. Time marches on, as they say. I would really be surprised if many people even remember me from those days as I was a pretty quiet and shy kid--I pretty much went to school and came home. Since then I have come a long way, traveled and made tons of friends all over the United States. After graduation in the fall of 1965 I attended a small Junior college in Boiling Springs, N.C., Garden Webb, then spent a year at Strayer College in D.C and took an airline course from the Weaver Airline school based in Kansas.
In April of 1968, while on a plane to Minneapolis, Minnesota, met my husband, Joe, and 2 weeks later we were married in the court house in Minnesota.  Come this April we will have been married 47 years. In November of 1968, my parents flew my younger sister up to Minneapolis to meet Joe during her Thanksgiving break, so she could report back as to what he was like. It went great.  In August of 1969 we drove from Minnesota, to Wisconsin, to Chicago and on home to Maryland so we could meet the parents-- it went well, thank goodness.
Over the past 47 years, Joe and I have lived all over the U.S., in Michigan, New York, Texas, South Carolina, Missouri, California, and  Arizona.  Along the way we raised our son, Joey, and daughter, Shannon, and we have always had pets—so every time we moved we would pack up our children, our cats, and our dog.  Joe worked on power plant projects, and I worked on the usual things moms do, like Brownies, Girl Scouts, and Welcome Wagon.  
Both kids have grown up and graduated college.  We now live in Bakersfield, California--Joe has retired from the power plant industry. Joey still lives with us and is busy working.  We love the area, and the climate, and do not miss the humidity, the mosquitoes, and red ants of Texas.  I am pretty sure we will remain here for awhile.  We lead a quiet simple life here: I have been putting together a cookbook, which now has over 4,000 recipes; I collect stuffed bears (I now have over 300), and I have become the biggest Nascar fan alive.
The days of high school seem so long ago--like I said I have come a long way from that shy quiet little girl I once was. If anybody ever needs a recipe for anything or would like to know a good park or place to visit for a vacation just email me or call me and I will see what I can do.  Hope everybody has a super time at the class reunion.   I would love to go but no longer fly (in addition to ear problems, I have a pacemaker).  Take care everyone, and have fun at the reunion.
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Diana Holtz (Jamieson)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Clinical Social Work, Retired Married 2 After high school I earned a teaching credential and taught in Connecticut and California. I married Jim Jamieson in 1969 and we have two children. We lived in in the Bay Area for many years before being lured back to the DC area by family and friends. I eventually returned to school and earned an MSW degree and for twenty-four years I worked as a psychotherapist for severely emotionally disturbed teenagers and their families in a residential treatment center. It was a great job but stressful. Approaching burnout, I retired about four years ago. I now take many many classes, enjoy hiking, yoga, etc. and planning grueling backpacking trips to the West. I spend time with family and volunteer with Montgomery Hospice, which I love. High school is kind of a hormonal blur and I know I took for granted the very good education we got at WWHS. Reconnecting with classmates around the reunion planning has been great and sometimes hilarious. Most of my dearest friends are my high school friends to this day. 2015-03-26 21:20:41
That it has been fifty years is hard to grasp.  I look forward to seeing people in May.  We have changed,  but not totally! Send Diana a MessageSend Diana a Message
Chuck Horne
System engineer Married 3 2014-06-04 11:53:55
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Art House
Profile picture
Still thinking about that Married 2 I've been cast in a 50-year run of "Our Town." A brand new school, Guys and Dolls, no cellphones, great friends, wrestling mats and soccer fields, actually enjoying muscle pain combined with complete physical exhaustion, starting to think. 2016-09-08 18:33:32

Kudos to Dane Barnhard for making the apology I've wanted to make for a long time. 
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Art House
Profile picture
Still thinking about that Married 2 I've been playing George Gibbs in a 50-year run of "Our Town." It's a great play. Our cool new school; Guys and Dolls; no cell phones; great friends; climbing to the top of a lamp post in front of the school to hoist tires for a senior prank; wrestling mats, soccer fields, exertion to the point of physical exhaustion and actually enjoying the pain; not being able to pinch an ounce of fat anywhere; learning to appreciate learning. 2016-09-08 18:33:17
Kudos to Dane Barnhard for making the apology I've wanted to make for 50 years. Send Art a MessageSend Art a Message
Jann Howard (Bach)
Artist/rancher/retired lawyer Married 1 2014-09-28 23:18:30
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Amy Hummel
Profile picture
Profile picture
Mostly retired Married 1 After moving to Maryland in '62, my mother (a teacher) had me placed in 10th grade in half my classes and 11th grade for the other half. My classmates in both Class of '64 and Class of '65 were very welcoming and friendly to me as a newcomer. Academically, I was delighted to find a choice of levels (like “RL”), really good teachers, completely unexpected classes in econ & sociology, and the eye-opening statistics component of my math class (“How to Lie with Statistics”). I sincerely regret not keeping in touch after my parents had me skip senior year & go to college in 1964. 2015-03-19 14:53:31
Married to wonderful husband Ron Williams for 18+ years. One stepdaughter & 2 grandchildren. Now I work part-time at a fabric store (my natural habitat!) in St. Paul, MN, and am active in DFL (MN Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party) politics & local issues. Ron takes philosophy courses at the U of MN and works on public transit & environmental issues. We are members of the glorious a cappella choir of our Eastern Orthodox cathedral church in Minneapolis:

Education:  BA, Special Honors in Economics, GWU; Master’s degree & post-MS certificate in library science, U of MD & Catholic U; and grad work in international relations & Canadian studies, Johns Hopkins U-SAIS (left in 2nd year after vision impairments worsened).
Work Life Worth Mentioning: Research Asst. at World Bank; head cataloguer of a Harvard post-graduate research library; editor, Cincinnati Urban Studies Project (OSU) & the National African-American Museum and Cultural Center Project (Columbus); medical editor (nursing manuals & first computerized NCLEX review programs). Then worked 14 years at a for-profit health insurance company, which was great background for activist work in health insurance reform...
Political Activism:
* Conscientious Objection draft counselor with United Christian Fellowship at GWU and then U of MD.
* Ohio Public Interest Campaign (Citizen Action):  Research & speaking on public utilities regulation, including sworn testimony before PUCO to save electricity “conservation rate” for small users; changing law to limit Construction Work In Progress in rate base; closing the dangerous & perpetually “75% complete” Zimmer nuclear plant and converting it to coal; and saving basic local phone service after breakup of AT&T.
* MN Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party precinct chair & delegate to 2 recent DFL state conventions.
* “Grassroots lobbyist” for health insurance reform, MinnesotaCare, & MNsure Health Exchange; disability rights, marriage equality, voting rights, & environmental & public safety issues (like RR routes for highly explosive Bakken oil).
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Diane Jayson
Profile picture
Single After graduation I attended Lake Forest College in Illinois and majored in psychology. I came back home for a year to decide what to do next and eventually went on to grad school at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. I earned my M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology there and returned to the D.C. area, where I worked as a school psychologist in P.G. County for many years. I also started a private practice in 1990, working with adults doing psychotherapy. I currently am retired from the school system and continue with the private practice, working out of my home office in Rockville. My hobbies include lots of travel all over the world, lots of theater and film watching, and having fun with my pet parrot. There has been so much change since the 60's. We went to school in a pivotal time for our history and culture. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to. 2015-03-06 14:09:53
Steve Johnson
Profile picture
Real Estate & Retirement Community Developer Married 2 Served three years in the US Army (Europe), returned to the US and school to complete a BS degree from the U. of Md., and an MBA from Temple University. I have drifted through divergent career paths from Healthcare Research Consulting, Hospital Administration, Restaurant Development and Ownership, Real Estate Appraisal, and most recently retirement community development and ownership. I met my wife and life partner of 34 years during my graduate school internship in Maine. We were blessed with two wonderful children (now 26 & 27) who have both successfully launched themselves from our home in Hampden, Maine. Our lives have focused on enjoying all that life offers us at each stage. We continue to be active in our work (retirement soon!), and our play. As a family we have enjoyed all that Maine's geography and climate offers, from winter skiing at Sugarloaf to summer boating on the coast near Acadia. We both enjoy traveling and sharing trip adventures with friends and family. My recent work in Rotary International ( a volunteer passion) has afforded us the opportunity to visit much of the world from Europe to Australia and places in between. I have been active in varying degrees in healthcare and economic development in Nicaragua since the end of their unfortunate conflicts of the '80s, having helped to create an NGO in 1992 that continues to be active on the Atlantic Coast. I have recently been able to fuse my two volunteer interests into a three year program of water and sanitation improvements in ten Miskito Indian villages on the Honduran border. Proud to have been a part of the cornerstone classes of a remarkable high school! It will be interesting to reconnect and share some of life's adventures with my classmates at the 50th. 2015-03-23 09:57:21
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Gill Jones (Cook)
Profile picture
Profile picture
educator (retired?) Married 1 2015-03-28 14:54:57
Career-wise, what I have been up to: I've taught English (college and high school), and served as English Chair and Academic Dean at a 7-12 Jewish day school.  After returning to school at 60 to earn a masters in urban education, I worked on education policy at the Children's Defense Fund for two years.

Memories of Whitman/ Observations/ Reflections of Last 50 Years:
Looking back, I realize that Walt Whitman High School has helped shaped my life in many ways. 

Mrs. Lechliter's eleventh grade and Mr. Schneider's twelfth grade English classes sparked in me a passion for great literature, which in turn led me to major, and eventually earn a PhD, in English. My decision to teach was inspired by those teachers’ examples, and by the high standards they set for us and fully expected us to meet.  

In addition, my years at Whitman provided me with lasting friendships. My close friends today are my close friends from high school.  We hike, bike, read, and travel together, supporting one another through life’s challenges-- and laughing together, always.

Most important, it was at Whitman that I met David Cook ('64), my husband of 46 years.  We were both in Mrs. Croft's Geometry class when I was in tenth grade. The following year our academic schedules conspired to bring us together: he worked as a Chemistry "lab assistant" during the same period I worked in the Guidance Library, and he managed to pop down to look at college catalogues on a regular basis.  Friendship blossomed into love, and we were married in December of 1968.

I am a strong believer in the power of written reflection to refine ideas and uncover hidden truths.  Writing this reflection in anticipation of our 50th reunion has brought into focus, really for the first time, the positive effects of my Whitman experience.

For too many years, I allowed the memories of the more embarrassing/disappointing moments of my awkward, insecure adolescence to color my feelings about Whitman and dampen my enthusiasm for “going back” at reunion time.  When I thought of Whitman, I recalled those moments: not making cheerleading year after year, not getting the part in the school play I desperately wanted, not being asked to a special school dance, and being discouraged by the Guidance Counselors from applying to the “good” colleges I yearned to attend.  Silly, I know, but growing up, as we are all discovering, is a lifelong process. 

Reflecting on high school in the context of my life today has helped me realize how very grateful I am for my years at Walt Whitman High School.

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Norman ("Rick") Jorgensen
Profile picture
Profile picture
Entrepreneur ("retired") Married 2 Not exactly a "fondest memory", but I will never forget that day in November, 1963 when I was a Junior in chemistry lab with my lab partner Carol Parker and the announcement came over the PA that our president had been shot in Dallas. While most of my memories of Whitman are faint, this one is seared into my memory. 2015-03-26 21:22:25
We have all gotten older...I say we, but I should say most of us.  Sadly I see some of us have not had that chance.

I was a nurdy kid at Whitman, member of the amateur radio club.  I was one of the guys that operated the projector when films were shown in class.  Remember back then, it was 16 mm film.

I have spent my life in radio broadcasting, cell phone business, and other communications concerns.  

Went to a small college in Iowa, then have lived in Asheville, NC doing AM and FM radio for 16 years in Asheville and Knoxville, TN, then in 1990 on to Hattiesburg, MS, building a rural cell phone system from 1990 to 2003.  After that we spent about 10 years in Greenwich, CT, and now am living full time in Boca Raton, FL.  In the meantime I built, over the years, what became a cluster of 6 FM radio stations in Wilmington, NC, from 1988 to finally selling them in 2014, but never lived there.  Nice town though.

Married to a wonderful young lady from Russia, we have two children.

Until I heard about the reunion I never thought about my time at Whitman; my memories of it are faint.  I think I tried to blend into the woodwork.  I was an awkward teen and never had many friends.  But having lived in diverse places, and seeing what the real-world looks like, looking back Whitman was a remarkable public high school; I think our class was 90+% college prep.  Almost all of us had parents who were educated and cared about education and ensuring we got a good one.

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Richard Josephson
Attorney Married 2 2015-02-11 20:24:00
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Jacqueline T. Karel
Profile picture
varied Single 1 2015-02-11 20:04:58
        I graduated from WWHS and then went on to Corcoran School Of Art in DC.  I completed the 4 year program in Communications Design to receive a diploma. It was fun sharing the halls of Corcoran with many of the prominent Washington artists.  I also studied under a few.
         I have worked as a sales clerk, setting up breakfast at the Comfort Inn, a receptionist and administrative receptionist.  When my admin receptionist job ended a few years back due the recession I decided to travel to see places beyond the DC area.
          Once again I'll be working, but only part-time in the KidzClub at Sport and Health soon.
           I love photographing animals and hooked up with several safaris, since I'm divorced, to get instruction and photograph.  I went to Costa Rica, Yellowstone in June and January, Alaska (Katmai National Park) to photograph the grizzilies feeding on salmon. I love bears and for me it was a dream come true to see that.  A year ago I went to Tanzania, Africa for almost 2 weeks and loved photographing the happy animals in their inhabitat.
            I have a son who is almost 38 from my marriage and he recently remarried in San Diego, CA.  He has no children, but it's on the "to do list."   His wedding was outside, fun and the weather was great, November 22nd.
           I'm looking forward to the reunion, hope to see everyone there!

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Douglas Karo
Retired Married 1 I continued in school, worked in R&D, eventually did some more engineering focused projects, and then retired to a house in the woods (but not far from town). Nostalgia. 2015-03-04 10:04:41
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Marcia Kauffman (Krasnow)
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Profile picture
Consultant Married see below/comments 2014-12-22 21:16:18
I remember the excitement when I learned that I would attend the new Walt Whitman High School after moving to Bethesda in 1961.  I made wonderful friends, had great teachers and felt fortunate to attend a school that had so much to offer. After graduation, I attended Boston University and have stayed in the Boston area ever since.

I spent over 30 years in public school systems and higher education; teaching, grant writing, consulting, supervising and directing programs mostly serving young children and families. Continued my education with several graduate school programs and finally earned my Ed.D. in 1995.

One of my current interests is in memoir writing and am working towards the development of a consulting service to assist inviduals and organizations in this endeavor.

Not surprising that I decided to research my late father's file cabinet for the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps and the Kennedy Administration (2010-2013).  My father served as the first Chief of the Division of Training for the Peace Corps--moving our famiy to Bethesda.  His office was across the street from the White House.  Of course, all this research brought back all the memories I had from my years at Whitman and the incredible events of the 60's!!  No wonder many of the anniversary events I attended were so meaningful.

I am very much looking forward to our 50th Reunion!!!

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Kathy Keany (Benjamin)
Profile picture
Retired Public Health Nutritionist Married 4 It's taken lots of ups and downs to get to my current place of joy and contentment. Family, friends and working in public health have all been important on the journey. I live in Garrett Park with my husband of 25 years, Peter, and our dog Kali. We spend quite a bit of time going up and down the East coast visiting our 4 children and 5 grandchildren who are strung out between here and Maine. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, knitting, volunteering, being involved in my faith community, travel with Peter and, most of all, spending time with friends and family. It seems like it was yesterday when we were at Whitman and it seems like several lifetimes ago, all at the same time. The feeling of community was probably the most important part of the experience for me. I love the fact that a number of classmates are an ongoing part of my life and look forward to catching up with many others. 2015-03-20 17:18:32
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Pamela Kemper (Ketterer)
Retired teacher Single Again 6 2015-04-03 19:11:16
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Jeanne (Kim) Kimball (Simpson)
Manager/DC tour company Married 2 Graduated from the University of Maryland, married my college sweetheart and raised two wonderful children. Lived in Kansas and New Jersey before returning to the DC area as a single mother of a six and eight year old. Still working - planning educational tours of the DC area for student groups. Married to the love of my life, Bill Collins, for twenty-five years and have four beautiful grandchildren. I transferred to Whitman in my junior year because I wanted to attend school with my neighborhood friends. The outstanding reputation of our school remains a source of pride. 2015-03-26 21:26:42
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Jan Kingston (Johnson)
Semi Retired Divorced 2 2015-04-21 19:22:33
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