Football lineup. WOOOOHOOO!
Football lineup. WOOOOHOOO!
We hope to find ALL our mates from the Class of '65.
Our "search party" is doing an amazing job. They have ALL BUT 98 classmates. Absolutely amazing effort! They haven't stopped yet.

Email, Phone number, where they live(d).....any information will make this search process easier.

Amine Al-tatan     Carol Bartlett      Marlene Berman
Linda Billhimer     Carol Blessing      Theresa Boaz
Joseph Brown     Thomas Brubach
Philip Bryant        Douglas Bryce      Megan Burke      Rosemarie Beumer
 Monika Carsten   Warren Carter     Richard Chandler
Sandra Carpenter  Beatrice Christian Tim Christian   
Mary Collins         Mike Daniels     
Nancy Dennis       Frank DiFonzo      Jane Erdman       Ana Escobar
Floyd Evans         Susan Flynn        Gordon Frankel   Carol Furnell 
Victoria Garrett Charles Gero    William Gist         Linda Green 
William Gromowski       
Nancy Hall          Jim Halpin            Steve Halvorson   John Hardy
Ethelwyn Hart     Joachim Heyer     Robert Hickman
Carolyn Hill        Ruth Hodges        Margaret Hughes  Mary Hutson
Helen Idler        Ethelann Jackson Marjorie Jackson
Karen Jones           Michael Kelley       William King        
Robert Knight    Gary Kunz  Fannie Lefeged       James Lowe, Jr.
Liana Maclay    Elizabeth Maloney  Sharon McDonald  
 Douglas Miller
Susan Miller     Janice Newman 
         Barbara Monroe     Johnnie Moore
 Thea Murray         Linda Nicholson  Virginia Pagan         Sara Pazos
Peder Pederson       Sharon Penney       Penelope Peppell
Barry Phelps      Julia Pierce           Margaret Pohlenz
Gwendolyn Powell  Caroline Pratt
Armando Prugue   Julianne Quann     Veronica Rice  Penny Risen
William Robertson   Sandra Rodgers  Hazel Ross   Gail Rutley  
Janet Schulze  Mark Schwartz   Stephen Seiberlich  Nora Seymour     
Mark Shoens          Linda Slama
Carol Smith            Donna Smith   Susan Snider        Frederick Snyder  
Leslie Staver         Christopher Sticht     Jim Stone      
Peggy Sullivan      Susan Taylor      Andrew Thomas     Ray Wacks
Barbara Jean Thompson        Robert Thompson        Susan Torres  
Jan Wade         Terence Ward         Ann Warnock  John Watson      Edith White  
Miriam Wick      Charles Williams   Patricia Williams    
 Diane Winberg    Charles Wise      Stephen Wright            

If you have any information at all, please  GO TO THE CONTACT US page and send it to us.  You can also email  our search committee, Bruce Frank. directly via their profile on the Classmates Page on this website.

Thanks for your help.  The more people we can reach, the more fun the next  REUNION will be.