Walt Whitman is not just a school building.
It is an active community center for a great variety of educational and recreational activities. The citizens of this area take great pride in their senior high school and the fine reputation it has gained in its first three years.
-Walt Whitman Evaluation Report 1965


In celebration of our 50th Year REUNION we established


what a big success..........Classes of 1965 and 1964 raised over                                     $16,000 

We can now report how funds are being used so far.

SOURCES OF STRENGTH - $3500 for 2015-2017
This organization provides the highest quality evidenced-based support for the prevention of abuse by training, supporting and empowering peer leaders with caring through connection, hope, help and strength. This is a highly visable program that ensures students have positive and healthy outlets to develop confidence, self esteem and respect.  This program has brougnt speaker, yoga, coloring programs, paring students with caring adults.

BEAUTIFICATION of CAMPUS $3,772.50 for 2015-2016
Inspired by our gift of two new benches for the student campus, Dr. Goodwin has requested repair and replacement of old benches.

STUDENTS IN NEED  $5,541.93 for 2015-2016
This fund is used by Dr. Goodwin to support Whitman students in need.  Funds are used for enrollment fees, books, resources, and anything else he feels a student may need to improve their academic standing.  This fund is replenished  from other sources by student and parent groups in the school.

This fund is a lasting memorial in honor of our principal, Daryl Shaw, who always encouraged us to be better in all things than we believed we could be for ourselves, our school and our community. The intention is to provide meaningful support and encouragement to individual students who have shown effort, promise and intention in achieving their goals, in spite of difficult life experiences and circumstances. 

Although financial need is certainly a consideration for support,  there are students whose future education and training, self esteem and future successes would benefit from such recognition of effort made and need for support.