The most important part of this effort is to reconnect with friends in the greatest class Walt Whitman has ever had!!!!!Remember how we were told all the time by Dr. Shaw just how very special we were. We still are!!! We all realize now just how lucky we were.

Please complete your profile here.

Your contact information will be hidden, and secure. This webite is maintained by our committee, not an outside commercial outfit. It will only be used with your permission for the 50th Reunion Book we will put together for attendees of the 50th Reunion.Those who are unable to attend the Reunion in the spring of 2015 will be able to order the Reunion Book.
Go BACK and review/edit your Comments - NEW NAME:  Memories/Observations/Reflections. With your permission, these will be included in the 50th Reunion Book.   THINK BACK and share your thoughts about last 50 years - High School/Friends/The '60s/Family/Best Memories.  Have fun with this!

If you're interested check out Class of '64 website
They have been invited to join us in our 50th year celebration.
Use the "send a message" feature to contact friends, and your email will appear for them to respond. HAVE FUN RECONNECTING AFTER ALL THESE YEARS! 


After 2 1/2 years, you must have some news to share.
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Randi Abse (Abse-Southmayd)
Horse farm owner Widowed I trained race horses for 10 years, then decided I'd like weekends off occasionally so I went to work for several different advertising agencies as a writer/broadcast producer/creative director. Married John Southmayd in 1983 and we purchased a house in Annapolis where we lived for 23 years. But horses were always my passion, Annapolis was getting too crowded. So we sold the house and moved ourselves, three dogs and my two horses to Aiken, SC in 2006. Sadly John died this past September. I know he's laughing his head off now, wherever he is, watching me to try to figure out how to hook the bushhog up to the tractor and mow the paddocks and hayfield.Maintaining a 25-acre horse farm is a lot harder than writing a :30 second TV spot and once again, I don't have weekends off. I think my fondest memory of high school days was when Mark O'Hara, Frankie Belle Counselman, Linda and Patty Rankin and Bob Wildman (all Whitmanites) bought a pony at a Timonium auction and loaded him in the backseat of Wildman's car, got lost in SE DC at 2:00 am with the pony's head out one window and his tail out the other. I'll let Schlitz tell you what happened when we got to Potomac. 2014-06-24 14:01:15
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David Ackerman
Profile picture
Attorney Married 2 Law school in Baltimore, then Navy JAGC, the Dept. of Energy in California. Since 1983 in private practice, in Long Beach, CA. Best memory is meeting a friend that has lasted a life time, and who donated one of his kidneys to me in 2007. 2014-11-15 03:02:43
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Gail Adams (Burke )
Retired hs & community college English teacher Married 5 2015-02-25 15:51:38
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Sheila Allingham (Bushnell)
Travel consultant Married 2 2014-04-18 23:08:56
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John Badrian
Married 3 Had (and still have) a middle-of-the-road life - college, USMC, marriage, 3 children - drama drama drama, grandchildren - drama drama drama - worked in the information technology sector for the Federal government at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Retired to Delaware. 2015-03-05 12:31:33
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Carole Baluta (Burdette)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired teacher Married 2 2015-03-10 18:57:37
After Whitman, I graduated from the University of Maryland. I enjoyed a fulfilling teaching (K-2) career in Montgomery County for over 30 years.

I have been happily married for 37 years and have two wonderful sons and a new daughter-in-law. No grandchildren yet!

Upon retiring in 2007, we moved to Ocean Isle Beach,NC and built our dream home. We enjoy a steady diet of travel, volunteering, social activities, family and friends. Life is good!
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Michael Barbee
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Retired Married 6 Worked with family elevator business for 40 years. Now I'm going to my grandchildren's games - they really keep me busy! My fondest memories of Whitman were the beautiful girls and great guys. Bethesda was a different place back then - small town compared to now. 2014-06-01 20:22:17
Can't wait to see everybody after 50 years! This is a picture of most of my grandchildren (we have had 5 more since then)at my 60th birthday party at the Atlantis. It's hard to get all of my children together, but they couldn't pass up this trip! It was the greatest. Send Michael a MessageSend Michael a Message
Lois Barkan (Wolkowitz)
retired Married 2 Married to Ben for 39 years, 2 great kids, one grandson. Living in Madison, NJ, summering in Martha's Vineyard from May to October where we garden and host family gatherings. My Whitman memories are mostly positive, mixed with the usual teenage angst. Wonderful teachers and lots of good friends. 2015-03-15 17:53:33
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Dane Jay Barnhard
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Profile picture
Retired Swim Coach/Pool Manager Married 2 Being coached by Mike Butler in football and Gus Fern in wrestling 2015-04-13 00:04:16
Blessed to be rehabilitated by my rock solid Conservative, "Ragin' Cajun" wife, an architect and renowned artist, for 41+ years. We have two lovely married daughters and four grandchildren.

Windsurfing my wave board is my passion. However, if the trade winds are on sabbatical, I am paddling my kayak 3-4 hours per day/ six days per week. Hawaii is a magical environment with temperatures regularly in the mid 80's with relative humidity typically in the 50's. There is a saying about the island of Maui, where we have resided for 30 years, "Maui no ka oi" means Maui is the best!!!  
Call or email me if you are interested in comfortable lodging at an excellent price plus a free whale watching tour in season via my two man kayak or any time of year.
BTW, although I organized from Maui and attended the Walt Whitman Class of '65 35th reunion and follow up picnic in October of 2000 in Bethesda, I actually graduated in 1966 because of the necessity of repeating my junior year
In conclusion, I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have offended when I was an undisciplined and pathetically out of control teenager.
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Dallas (Nick) Barr
Physicist, Electrical Engineer, Semi Retired Married 2 B.S. Physics, M.S. & D.Sc. Electrical Engineering. Worked for the Army all this time. Life is good. I wish everyone all the best. 2015-03-21 10:19:13
My compliments to the classmates who have worked so hard to put this reunion together.  Send Dallas (Nick) a MessageSend Dallas (Nick) a Message
John Barrett
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Profile picture
Retired Police Officer Single 2015-03-27 22:55:24
In May '65 Mike Bathke made an announcement and led the applause in Mr. Jeffery's Public Speaking class that I had joined the Marines. WOW!, what a deal, I was headed off to the University of Parris Island to spend an enjoyable, relaxed summer learning the art of war!

After graduation in August and more advanced training on the East/West coast I arrived in Vietnam May 2, '66. After a 13 month tour returned to The World of hamburgers and chocolate milkshakes in the good old U.S. of A! Was discharged May of '69. Enrolled at Montgomery College for a year.

Attended a Saturday night all night party in Bethesda, had too many beers, ended up at a Metropolitan Police Dept. D.C. recruiting trailer on Ga. Ave. sleeping in my car waiting for them to open. Somehow I wrote a 93 on the test and after all summer at the academy with weekend trips to Rehoboth Beach for R & R, I graduated and became a uniform patrol officer. A year later became a plainclothes Tactical Officer with long hair/beard with the sole purpose of arresting hard core street thugs. Talk about a rush! Enrolled American University while remaining a cop, Graduated B.S.1976. 1 year Graduate school, that's enough John, no one likes a smart cop!

June 17, '72 located 5 burglars inside the Democratic National Committee in the Watergate office building and arrested them with the assistance of 2 partners. Testified before Judge John Sirica during the Watergate trial. Later testified before the Senate Watergate Committee chaired by Senator Sam Irvin. Was a technical advisor in the making of " All the President's Men." Dustin Hoffman was a real gentleman, Robert Redford was a real ...! Continued in plainclothes for a total of 14 years. Made G. Gordon Liddy a millionaire, appeared on his radio show several times. Was transferred to Detectives for the final 4 four years. Was disability retired for several duty injuries in Feb. of '89.

Met Barbara Newmen who was the executive producer for Geraldo Rivera's "Now It Can Be Told" while filming a piece for the Watergate. She opened her own company Barbara Newman Productions, where we produced many documentaries for History Channel and Discovery Channel. Early 90's became a part time bailiff for the District Court of Maryland. '98 took a leave of absence and was hired by Dyncorps/State Dept. to work as an International Police Task Force officer in Bosnia. Was assigned to a police station in the town of Brcko, where I met an injured dog that hung around our police station. I nursed him back to health and decided to end my year contract and repatriate myself with the dog, named Brcko, back to the USA. I never regretted the loss of $50,000 for ending my contract. Brcko lived a long and wonderful life until he died in Oct.of 2011. As I reflect over the last 50 years since Whitman I've had more smiles than tears, but not by much! Thank you Walt Whitman you've done very well indeed!
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Michael Bathke
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Retired / consultant Married 1 Whitman probably wasn't as good as I remember it, but following education and the changes in it through my wife and her experiences as a high school English teacher for the last 43 years, I know we had a remarkable education and environment. We were given a head start on our generation. I think our son, Jack, inherited a love for education from us (mostly his mother). He, too became a teacher after graduating from Texas A&M. It has become the family business. 2015-03-27 22:58:35
I squeezed a 4yr BA program into 5 1/2 years at Trinity University in Texas.  After college and marriage, I messed around until my insurance industry career found me.  I spent 40+ years working for a few different insurance companies eventually rising to VP of Marketing.  Other than finding it a financially rewarding profession, it has allowed my family and me to live in various parts of the country.  We started in Texas, moved to New York, back to Texas, on to North Dakota (I'd really ticked somebody off), then to Michigan and ending in New Jersey.

My wife Julie and I were partially responsible for the building boom in the '90s and early part of the 21st Century -- we built four houses.

Recently, at a party I mentioned to one of the guests that we'd lived in all the places mentioned above.  She asked why and I whispered "witness protection."  She believed it.

I retired and started a little consulting business.  I occasionally volunteer as a guide at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  This is Julie's last year teaching and we're going to take a winter vacation for the first time ever!
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Steven Beattie
Profile picture
Civil Engineer Married 1 Fifty years seem to have just flown by!! Engineering School at U of MD. Literally saw the world as an officer in the U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps and retired as a Captain 28 years later. Highlight of my tour in Vietnam was my safe return to California and meeting Mary, through a Navy JAG Attorney, and marrying her a year later. Now, after our 41 years of marriage, & enjoying our daughter and two granddaughters, it was clearly the best decision of my life! Earned advanced degrees from Berkeley and Northwestern. Deployed around the world with the Navy SEABEES. Moved our family to Sicily in 1990 for three years just as the Desert Shield/Desert Storm War broke out across the Mediterranean. Off the job, enjoyed speaking Italian, traveling, skiing, sharing Italian cuisine and wines and making many new local Italian friends. Moved back to Virginia for a final DC four-year military assignment; retired from active duty in 1997. Then worked and enjoyed eight years as a private international engineering consultant, to include two years in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Along the way, was selected to work for a couple years for the Executive Office of the President at the White House. Then seven years ago, I was invited back to re-join the Navy as a Federal Employee here at the Historic Washington Navy Yard. Thus, still have the opportunity, associated with work, to continue to travel and work on a global basis. Mary and I enjoy growing friendships in our Fairfax City, VA community, travelling to new and enjoyable destinations, and pursuing varied hobbies and activities enjoyed individually and together. We have a growing list of things that we have in mind to do in the future.... after I finally do make the decision to retire a second time from the Navy. All in all, life has been good to us, and we hope the same for all my many wonderful Whitman classmates. My most exciting memory of my years at Whitman was recognizing that we, as a brand new student body and newly arrived faculty, had the opportunity to make so many daily choices and decisions associated with opening and establishing a brand new high school in the Nation's Capital. Even more exciting is now to look back and realize that we planted the seeds that have now sprouted into unquestionably one of the finest and most well respected high schools in our entire nation. That to me is something for us all to be proud of, and to enjoy and apply the results of, throughout not just our lifetime, but for other generation to come. GO WHITMAN VIKINGS !! 2015-03-26 19:35:41
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Phyllis Becker (Zimmerman)
Profile picture
Profile picture
fine art sales Married 2 I've lived in Baltimore since I married and spent most of my adult life working with my husband in the printing business. We sold our company in 2003 and since then we've been selling fine art out of our home and online. The artwork we sell is mostly the printer's proofs which we've accumulated over the many years that we printed limited edition serigraphs for some famous --and some not so famous-- artists. I do a great deal of volunteer work, reading and traveling and love spending as much time as possible with my 5 grandchildren. My oldest granddaughter will graduate from Whitman this year--50 years after me!! Crazy! I have been blessed. I always felt at home at Whitman--so many familiar faces of people I had known since kindergarten. I loved my friends, loved the schoolwork, the class spirit, and the teachers. Only happy memories! 2015-03-06 14:51:02
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Larry Beckler
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Semi-retired Financial Advisor Married 1 2015-02-25 16:03:56
Was the vocal soloist for the Army Band in NYC. Stayed in NY and worked in theatre as a singer for 10 years. Went into the financial industry for 33 years and am now mostly retired as a happy husband with Marlene and a professional Pop-Pop to three wonderful grandsons.

9/11 affected all of us. I kept wondering what it may have been like on the 50th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center on that dreadful day. I authored and commissioned a bronze statue entitled, "A Day of Service". There is a three minute video of the statue at It's also on Facebook as "A Day of Service." Please "like" it if you do. The final home for the statue is still an unfinished story.
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Steve Beckler
Associate Director "Sister Act" Married Working on Broadway past 42 years 2014-06-18 12:21:30
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Robert (Bob) Belman
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entrepreneur Single 2014-09-13 22:12:27
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Robert Berg
General Contractor Married 3 My family moved to Los Altos California after my graduation. Late that summer I started my college experience at Brigham Young University. I liked the West and I liked college life...enough so that I ended up with 2 Bachelor's degrees with a stint in the Air Force in between. There were some things about the military and flying airplanes that I liked, but, the creative side of me drew me away after just 4 years. Over the 40 years since college and military life I have worked in Residential and Commercial Design and Construction. Having grown up in a military family, moving was not a worrisome thing to me. I have worked in 5 western states in my chosen field and am currently a General Contractor in Santa Fe, NM. Being on the move has its costs, however. I did not get married until I was forty five! I think I had finally seen enough things about marriages that work and those that don't that I could make a good choice. And it has been a great choice. Christie and I have been married 22 years now with a brood of is just 16 and looking at colleges now herself. I returned for the first time to the DC area in 1995 when we took my dad back to Arlington National Cemetery. I took my family by to show them my high know, the one that was brand new in 1964....It was gone. I enjoyed my time at Whitman...had good friends and good times. Some of the activities, like the concerts, were a bigger deal to me later as I have looked back. Having never gone to another high school, I thought our events were probably like those at other schools...but they were not, Whitman was a special school at a special time. My favorite teachers were . . . ( I can't remember their names) . . . my drafting teacher and my US History teacher (nice, I don't know where my year books are!) 2015-03-23 18:48:13
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Marcia Berlin (Radin)
management consultant Single Again 2 2015-03-26 02:54:59
What I Have Done Since Graduation: After having so many opportunities provided to me as a Whitman student, I decided to leave the area and see if I could succeed at a huge university far away. I chose University of Michigan, entered the honors program,  and again I had some great professors and a terrific education was handed to me. I fell in love with Ann Arbor, married young and stayed for 30 years. I earned a Masters in psychology and worked for several years before having my two sons. Sam is an immigration lawyer in Atlanta, and Andrew is a Medicare/Medicaid specialist in Lansing, Michigan.

In the early 1980s, my younger son was born prematurely and developed some unexplained health challenges. At that time, there were no services and little information available for babies who didn’t fit the norm. I felt isolated and overwhelmed until I met some other parents who were also struggling and together we started the first support group in our county for families of children with all kinds of disabilities or delays in development. This led to many exciting opportunities and a career dedicated to making life better for families of children with special needs.

In 2004, I returned to the DC area and found a job working on programs for children as a government contractor. For the past several years I’ve been caring for my mother, who is 95 and very frail but still has a lively mind and lives independently. I plan to retire soon; am looking forward to time with friends, travel, yoga, attending concerts and plays, reading and doing some writing.

Memories of Whitman/Observations/Reflections of Last 50 Years: I remember group projects in Mr. Schneider's class, oral reports in Mrs. Trotter’s class (with my knees shaking), and gym uniforms. Like so many others, I remember the day Kennedy was assassinated. My most vivid memory is the utter silence in the hallway as we filed out of the building at the end of the day. Everyone seemed crushed by the news.

Looking back, I credit my Whitman teachers for teaching me to think critically and write well, and for opportunities to work in groups with lively, opinionated classmates. These skills have helped me in all aspects of my life.

From Marcia: It was great fun to be part of establishing a new school with new traditions. I’m looking forward to re-experiencing the 60s vibe at our reunion and reconnecting with old friends –- and maybe make some new ones!
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Don Bialek
Profile picture
Physician/Medical Informatician/Consultant Married 6 Missed my senior year with you guys but have the fondest memories of our great times together. Continue to have a great career in medicine - clinical/informatics/academics/consulting. I've lived in Boston and Maine since medical school with a couple of years in Stockholm, Sweden. 2014-05-28 22:08:20
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Barton Billard
Physicist - Retired Married Went to Yale and Berkeley. Married Linda Speaker. What I enjoy most is learning, and the Whitman experiences I remember reflect that. Continuing to learn will keep me busy in retirement. 2015-03-01 01:07:03
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Joslyn Birch (Oakes)
Executive Chef Married 1 2015-02-06 18:49:33
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Barbara Bowen (Snyder)
Jr. High School counselor (until June 2014) Committed Relationship 2 After living in Bethesda and on Long Island, NY, I have spent the last 30 years raising my family in this area! 2014-07-18 15:00:42
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Janet Bowker (Miller)
Retired Federal Government Married 2 With the exception of four years in NC at Wake Forest University, I have remained close to home. Literally. I now live in my parents' old house. I married Bill Miller, whom I met at Bradley Elementary, and we have two great kids and an adorable grandson. I spent my career in budget at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg (it was called the National Bureau of Standards when I started there in 1969) and retired in 2007. I arrived at Whitman with mixed feelings -- excited to be going to a new school but disappointed that so many of my friends from North Bethesda Junior High wouldn't be there with me. There is a lot about my high school years that I have forgotten, but I still have vivid recollections of French class with Mrs. Loftness, chorus, PE, and my pot luck group. Working on the reunion committee is bringing back more memories, most of them good. I am really looking forward to the reunion! 2015-03-14 16:24:02
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Ken Braunstein
Lawyer Married 3 College, law school, marriage to Suzie, 3 kids, practiced law for 40 years, and 5 grandkids with another on the way. Did you realize that "evil" spelled backwards is ""live". Not exactly sure what that means, but it did get me enough votes to be elected treasurer of the student government--helped prepare me to be treasurer of the Class of 1965 Reunion Committee, I guess. To be frank, my memories tend to fade, but I do know that students who would have otherwise attended BCC or Walter Johnson took the challenge and came together to create a high school that has, for more than 50 years, continued a tradition of excellence that we began. 2015-03-05 09:30:56
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Barbara Brazil (Steele)
Social worker/media assistant Married 2 For the last 40 years my husband and I have lived in Bethesda. I worked in pediatrics as a social worker, then spent the last 14 years in the Whitman library. Haven't moved very far in life! We enjoy part of every summer in Maine. 2014-05-29 19:55:02
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Paula Brodie (Barrie)
RETIRED !!!! Committed Relationship 2 Loving life !!! 2014-07-14 15:10:03
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Melissa Burns (Farmer)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired Married 2 2016-04-23 12:02:31
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Craig Burton
Real Estate Broker Married 3 Crammed 4 years of college into 5 and graduated from U of Md in '70. Never left the area. Started career in commercial real estate and stayed in it. Married to Teresa who stuck it out! 32 years. 3 daughters. 1st grandkid on the way. Came into WW in junior year and was amazed at how nice and welcoming everyone was and still is! Some of the best couple of years ever! Only regret is not keeping up with more of you! 2015-03-26 20:18:33
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JoAnn Butrico (Turrentine)
retired Widowed 3 I taught school, raised 3 children, traveled the world with my late husband and now enjoy volunteering and spending time with my 6 grandchildren. 2014-05-27 18:32:15
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Randa Campbell (Isbell)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Happily retired!!!! Married 2 Fifty years---Wow! After graduation from WW I attended the University of South Carolina for a few years. With the war in Vietnam going on I decided I better marry my Naval Academy sweetheart, Bob. I then spent 20 years following him around to some god forsaken places. Our last duty station was in the Washington area, so I was finally home. When the Marine Corps told us they were once again going to send him to one of those “places” and I wasn't invited, I said that wasn't going to happen. He retired from the Marine Corps and became a beltway bandit (we lovingly call them “parkway patriots”). I worked for a family-run company for 14 years. About 10 years ago we both retired and started the cruising thing. We ran into Susan (Snyder) Toth and her husband Sandy on one of those cruises. We've been cruising with them twice a year ever since. Bob and I have two children, one daughter, one son. The grandchildren started coming 16 years ago and just stopped last year. We acquired 6 of them. We recently moved from the Rockville area to the Baltimore area. Both of the kids live near here and we decided we really needed to be closer to them. We are able to see the grandkids a little more often than we did before. All is good and I am grateful. 2015-03-02 11:12:16


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Nancy Carnes (Kinsey)
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Profile picture
Caregiver Married 9 Wow! 50 years has surely flown by! I attended High Point College, High Point, NC for my freshman year. That summer I met Jim Kinsey and married him in December! We just celebrated 48 yrs of marriage! We have 3 children, 9 grandchildren and two great grandchildren from that union! In 1985 the Lord sent us a telegram, "Move west, take in children"! We did just that, and landed in Montana! (Never even visited before!) We worked with a family living in their car and soon after their family self-destructed and the Lord said, "These are the children I sent you here for!" God has such a sense of humor! We had teenagers and these 4 siblings were 2, 4, 5, & 6!! But, we went to court, gained temporary custody and later the right to adopt (which we did but only one). Two years later the Lord sent 2 more siblings and that gave us 6 extra kids who we raised up for 8-10 years!! (If you are counting, that is where I got the total of 9). Over the years, besides being a foster parent to this houseful, I taught preschool, did bookkeeping, sales, estate sales, welcome wagon, Avon, and we had a housecleaning business for about 20 years! Now I am a caregiver for two families. Several years ago I traveled back to visit my folks and saw the new construction after the dome fell in.(15 yrs or more now!) I guess all that wonderful design that everyone came from all over the world to study our gymnasium didn't work? I have wonderful memories of Walt Whitman. From the teachers to the students to the general learning environment--I remembered and loved it all. Didn't we feel like we were on the cusp edge of technology with those "new" electric typewriters? I won't be able to make the reunion. Have a grand time and send me a note or an email. 2015-03-09 19:24:14
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Carol Carol Terry (Terry)
Single After Whitman, I spent as many years as possible going to graduate school studying wildlife biology and ecology, first at UCSB and UW. By then I had found a fascinating ecological problem in SE Alaska and decided the only way to continue the research was to continue graduate school with the primary authority on the voles (Microtinae) I was working on. The result was a Ph.D at KU after 7 field seasons in SE Alaska, and two years writing the dissertation. I moved back to Kent for a while (to recover). and in 1988 I moved to Hawaii and worked for the State of Hawaii as a Wildlife Biologist for 15 years, for a total of 22 years in Hawaii. Then back to the Pacific NW where I bought a house on Bainbridge Is. I am currently doing Chinese Brush painting, tap dancing, and finishing a book on Evolution for intelligent people with little background biology - most Whitman graduates. 2015-06-01 23:40:40
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Dennis Cassidy
CapX Office Solutions Married 3 Graduated from Duke where I played football and lacrosse [Capt 1970] with a Psych degree. married with 1 daughter and 1 stepdaughter and 1stepson, all college grads, 2 with post-grad degrees, total of 4 grandkids. Live next to Georgetown Prep, have a home in Easton Md where we spend increasing time. Couple of different careers - e.g. advertising and technology. retired a couple of times but can't seem to stay that way. Looking forward to reunion. 2015-04-10 14:29:43
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Elaine Christ (Brewster)
Speech-Language Pathologist Single Again 3 2014-11-24 16:22:59
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Priscilla Church (Mitchell)
retired Married Just retired this year from an administrative assistant position. It's all new and wonderful to have my freedom at last! Whitman was the best. Great friends, good life experiences and fun singing in shows and choruses. Thanks, everyone! 2015-01-15 15:48:46
I am a new retiree as of January 1st - and loving it!  I've been in Annapolis since graduation (well, I did go to Marietta College for a year, but  that didn't work..) and am delighted to see some others ended up here, too!  Married my wonderful hubby Bill in 2001 - after being together for 26 years.  (We didn't want to rush in to anything, y'know.)  I am an addicted Sweet Adeline, singing baritone in chorus (Arundelair chapter) and also a quartet  (Unaccompanied Women) for some 40 years now.  Singing is great therapy - and hard work!  Bill and I keep busy with Monday night happy hours with local friends, chorus rehearsals (Bill sings in the choir at St. Mary's) and lots of trips to local theater and musical productions.  It's a busy little town!  Looking forward to more "road trips" now that we have more time together.  I signed up for the 50th immediately - and can't wait to reconnect with the Class of '65.  See you soon!  - PCM  PS:  I am technologically challenged, so no uploading photos for me, sorry.  Hey - I have a flip phone - what can I say?! Send Priscilla a MessageSend Priscilla a Message
Guy Clifton
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Profile picture
Retired - Banking Software Sales Married 2 Montgomery Junior College, University of Maryland, Maryland National Bank, commercial and consumer lending for 9 years; sold software to banks for 30 years with 12 years of international travel to majority of industrialized countries; retired for 7 years. Wonderful 46 year marriage to Sandy, 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Volunteer with SCORE and many other non-profits. Several activities - bicycling, tennis, golf, live in Florida, some summers in Maine. So where did you go to high school? Oh, this little town just outside the capital of the free world. We didn't really have much going on in the DC area. Just Georgetown, nearby really cool beach - Ocean City, MD; nearby mountains; Chesapeake Bay; grew up with the best mid-Atlantic Amusement Park -- Glen Echo. And our music wasn't much just the most played era of music since music began; and probably the most Incredible education public or private from this really cool high school on Whittier Blvd. - WALT WHITMAN High School. Oh, and by the way - just a side note, concerts at this really cool school - Wilson Pickett; The Four Seasons (Jersey Boys); Prom - Little Anthony and the Imperials. Not too big a deal. Not really. Now how cool is that. I truly believe that the education afforded us at Walt Whitman and in Montgomery County in general paved the way for us to undertake with ease - higher education, subsequent careers, family/ life building that for the most part has been very wonderful if not just plain cool. We all represent the beginnings of the baby boomers and are now witnessing the effects of our generation I refer to as the herd - there were a hell of a lot of us.......and we have made a difference in no uncertain terms. 2015-03-26 19:59:05
Life is good in Florida; close to Atlantic beach which we go to often.  Close to grandchildren, live on golf course and beach and a whole lot of etcs. including tennis, bicycling, golf, and a whole bunch of other athletic activities given my Peter Pan Syndrome for which I am receiving treatment.  Oh, by the way, we are also quite blessed with 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Send Guy   a MessageSend Guy a Message
Robert Coale
V-Pres. Kris-Way Truck Leasing Co. Married 2 2015-03-27 23:28:39
I graduated from the University of Maryland in 1970. I have been married since 1968 to my best friend, Louise. We have two terrific adult daughters, Becca and Johanna who live with their families (and 4 very energetic young grandchildren) in Houston, Texas and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, respectively. 

Upon graduating from Maryland I worked in commercial real estate at Weaver Brothers, Washington, DC, with my friend, Craig Burton. Louise and I moved to the coast of Maine in 1972 where I started a commercial real estate office. I left commercial real estate in 1974 and became a regional sales manager for the Hertz Corporation truck leasing division. I started with Kris-Way Truck Leasing in 1978 as a part owner and Vice President of Sales. Today I remain with Kris-Way in a "senior" management capacity. 

Louise and I enjoy living in Maine - "The Way Life Should Be"!  However the winters seem to be getting longer. Maybe we will be heading south in the next few years. 

I look forward to catching up at the reunion. As far as Bruce Frank's 3 point shot challenge, as I remember from my basketball days, closer was better. Looking forward to seeing Bruce!  
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Edward Colbert
attorney Married 3 2014-07-07 10:20:16
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Susan (Price) Connor
Profile picture
Profile picture
Health Scientist Married 1 Following graduation from Whitman, I went to West Virginia University (WVU) and majored in medical technology. I had a great 4 year experience in Wild Wonderful West Virginia, and following graduation I went to Atlanta, Ga with two WVU friends. I worked as a medical technologist at Grady Hospital and Emory University Clinic. During this time I earned my Masters and Ph.D degrees and then began my career at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) where I have had a 34 year career and am still presently working. I direct a peer review research grant program for occupational safety and health. I do quite a bit of travel with CDC and have traveled nationally as well as internationally. I had a wonderful single life in Atlanta, but along the way, I met a great man, Joe Naryka, who I married when I was 34 years old. Life has been a fantastic adventure and we are the proud parents of one daughter who is a petroleum engineer and living in the Pittsburgh, Pa. area. Joe and I spend a great deal of our leisure time at our mountain home in Highlands, North Carolina. Highlands is close to Atlanta and is often called Aspen of the East. We love hiking, walking our dachshunds, antiquing, and learning about wine as well as and drinking wine!!!! I have very fond memories of attending Whitman. I did not arrive at Whitman until my junior year which could have been quite traumatic; however, I met so many new friends, and had a great time. My mother worked in the AV department of Whitman, so it was actually fun having her there during the day. I guess my fondest memories were of the friends I made, and the good times I had with them while not in school. Paula Barrie (Brody) remains one of my closest friends to this day, so I often get back to Washington and visit with her. Life was good in those days and still is! 2015-03-27 23:35:31
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Frankie Counselman (Kalli)
Executive Director Owner Skin Care Company Married 2015-03-27 23:36:37
I have traveled the world.  CosmaLabs International LLC is an International Manufacture of Skin Care Products that I own with my Husband.  I am an avid Fly Fishman. Go to New Zealand 3 times a year for fishing. Fondest memories of HS are all the wonderful friends I made. Send Frankie a MessageSend Frankie a Message
Jim Cunningham
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Banking Divorced Driving out of the parking lot to go have lunch at Hot Shoppes with Mr. Vogt standing on the loading dock shaking his head ... 2015-03-15 05:28:44

So, 50 years has passed - seems like 10 ... What have I been doing for the past 50 years? (I wish I lived Frankie Counselman's life after reading her profile) If marriage was scored like a baseball game, my score would be 0 runs 0 hits and 2 errors ... (I was married to two good housekeepers - they both kept the house) ... No kids ... I used to raise Paint horses (like Tonto used to ride) and Golden Retrievers on my farm in a previous life but, they never call, never write ... (Probably ticked off that I sold them) ... I now enjoy sailing the scenic waters of the Chesapeake Bay, walking the boardwalk in Ocean City and traveling to Belize every year to go scuba diving ...  

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Craig Davis
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Profile picture
lawyer Married 2 I have many fond memories of WW, Miss Walsh’s ankle bracelet among them. Championship wrestling team for which I wrapped ankles (see a fixation here?) and allegedly coated male protective gear with BenGay-like ointment, closely followed by the object of the protection held under one of those hand wash spray troughs. Not me Dennis. The golf team at Kenwood and a not so pleasant knee injury on the 11th hole. Mr. Bryson and the Key Club trip to the Iranian embassy to meet the Shah. False IDs and journeying into DC to drink -- most frequently conducted at the Zebra Room, emporium of easy entrance, sloppy documentation and dark corner booths -- followed by unsteady returns to the higher drinking age MD burbs. Telling the Montgomery Co cop that he could not give me a speeding ticket while driving Margo Melnicove’s (an older woman) Chevy because I did not have a license. (As you can imagine, only tried one criminal defense case in 40 years.) Drinking CC Malt on the course at Kenwood with the golf team and special invited guests. Working the concession stand at the Dome. Walking in the middle of a traffic-less River Road on a starlit-snowy night holding that same MM’s hand and listening to the Beatles’ guess what on the Sony. Another fond memory is Robin, my first redhead girlfriend; the second being my wife of 46 years. A ski trip to BlueKnob in PA where, in addition to the humiliation of needing 2 hours to transcend the intermediate slope, a pair of my glasses presumably remain to this day. Well, fond and others, I guess. As do we all. Awkward. Since WW, attended college in the south, got active in campus politics, got married at 1 PM and graduated at 3 the same day, went to law school after a year to deal with Vietnam by getting into the weekend warrior ranks, started out representing teachers for the NEA affiliate in the state, then into a civil litigation practice after most of the hot public sector issues receded. Wrapped it up last year after 40. Done some traveling, got more planned. Health good, little stiff in the morning. Both of us have most original parts. Some additions and deletions. Looking forward to the reunion and a well done to Mary and the planning group. 2015-02-22 16:38:01
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Beth Dessel (Ayres)
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Profile picture
Artist Married 2 I am an artist and live in Washington, DC. I have lived in the DC area for most of the last 50 years, with short periods of time spent living in Hawaii and San Francisco. I just returned from my seventh summer trip to Provence, where I go with my husband to paint. In addition to making art (, I also manage my husband’s environmental law firm. We have five grandchildren and are lucky enough to have three living in Bethesda, who keep us quite busy! 2014-07-25 17:30:26
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Donna DiBlasi (Otis)
Interior designer (almost fully retired!) Married 2 Have been married to classmate Tom Otis for 45 years. We have two daughters and three grand kids. Lived in several locations in the DC area until moving to Charlottesville VA 10 years ago. We were so lucky to have the quality education, wonderful teachers and brand new facility we enjoyed at Whitman. Also, the many weekends spent "lapping Shoppes" with JoAnn Butrico, Peggy Adorian and Diane Whyte! 2015-02-23 20:51:54
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Philip Dow
Married 2015-03-22 23:39:15
Greetings from the fly-over state of Kentucky. I learned my lessons well at Whitman. When an assignment is due on Monday, get started by Sunday. 
It has been fun to walk down memory lane and read all your comments. What a superb job everyone has done.
Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend, but I’m glad so many of you will. All the Wood Acres Wildcats are doing well. Ralph Doty, Larry Lorenz, Tom Rhodes, Steve Spurr, Kent Weaver and I have kept in contact all these years. I can report that their charming wives have trained them well. Of course, I am the exception, but that’s what each of them would say. Some things never change.
Have fun, and good health to you and yours.
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Kay Dryden
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Profile picture
Attorney/Consultant Married 2 I graduated from Barnard and Columbia Law School, worked in New York then moved to San Francisco in 1975, where I live today. During my law career I had the privilege of serving as general counsel for three great San Francisco companies, in the film, finance and food industries, respectively. My husband and I now lead our own company, Energy Dispute Solutions, a consulting firm providing strategy solutions and alternative dispute resolution in the energy and utilities sectors. I serve on corporate and charitable boards and return to the DC area periodically for the Smithsonian Libraries Board. I met my wonderful husband, Charlie Ferguson, in San Francisco and we married 23 years ago. Coincidentally, he was at Georgetown Prep while we were at Whitman. We have 16-year old twins and are enjoying re-living high school through their eyes. 2015-03-06 16:36:05
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laura dubester
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Hi friends and schoolmates from Whitman, Western, Radner, Bannockburn and Clara Barton! Your reflections trigger memories and laughs. I was excited to go to a new high school with the first geodesic dome! I think of Madame Trotter and her 'french logic' and fun (cheating?) in Mr. Bryson's history class. I spent my high school years wanting to fit in and on the fringes of many circles -- and in retrospect probably an okay place to be. I remember my classmates from Whitman years and before and outside events (Cuban missile crisis, Civil Rights, Kennedy assassination). I had close friends who I did not keep in touch with when I left for college and several whose paths continued to cross. A special understanding endures from knowing each other’s younger selves. The highlight of the last reunion was connecting with Bea Christian who I remember coming to Clara Barton in 1954 after Brown v- Board of Education Supreme Court decision. I could be a ‘poster child for the sixties’ – protesting the war in Vietnam and quite active in SDS at Earlham and then University of Rochester. I also embraced some of cultural aspects of the sixties - lived ‘communally’ where I trained horses, learned to weave, meditate (not so much), garden, rock-band, poker players, Buddhists and more. And made my way to the Berkshires. I helped launch a non-profit organization- the Center for Ecological Technology whose purpose is to demonstrate/develop practical, positive ways to carry out our daily activities with less harm to the environment -- energy conservation, renewable energy, recycling/reuse. I served as co-director with my husband Alan. We retired in 2010 after 35 years - beginning as pioneers and leaving an organization with an amazing track record, more than 100 employees and a healthy fund balance (corporate execs was not our goal!) We also enjoyed traveling, softball, skiing, horses, music (play keyboard), art, splitting/stacking wood, anything outdoors, friends and family. Surrounded by the Berkshire Hills and fields, we share our home with songbirds, hawks, deer, turkeys, coyotes, occasional bobcat, and deer tics (ugh)!. I spent the past three years as 24/7 caregiver and grateful companion to Alan who courageously and gracefully passed away last January. Now is a long grief-heart journey for me. I am taking baby steps and baby leaps to recover and find my way and new ways. Some of you know this path. I appreciate glimpsing your lives since Whitman and looking forward to May! 2015-03-27 23:47:26

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John DuChez
semi-retired Married 2 2014-07-01 06:20:46
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Bob Dudley
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Profile picture
Retired Military/Contractor/Volunteer Married 1 Retired from the Army as a Field Artillery colonel after 29 1/2 years of active military service. Served overseas in Vietnam, Hawaii, Germany, and Korea; and served in the Continental US on the West Coast, East Coast, and in the Midwest. Following retirement I worked in the telecommunications industry for a while, but eventually returned to my roots in the Defense arena. Married to a wonderful woman for over 42 years. We have one son who is a veterinary surgeon in Columbus, Ohio and has blessed us with a precious granddaughter. Currently volunteer at the National World War I Museum & Memorial in Kansas City and periodically work on Army contracts in Germany. Fondest memories have to be the lifelong friends that were made during those wonderful years. 2015-01-20 22:20:15
Cannot wait for the reunion.  I had missed all of them until the last one.  Was stationed in Vietnam for the 5th, in Hawaii for the 10th, Germany for the 20th, and in Korea for the 25th.  I will definitely be there for the 50th. Send Bob a MessageSend Bob a Message
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